Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Peril-Sensitive Drive Train!

Those lolcats have been at my scooter, my beloved VMoto jx50 Milan. "I'm in your wheels stealin' yur tractions" it said to me in perfect lolcat grammar.

Today I had about 50km to cover on various errands, and I estimate that for 40km of that distance, it rained. Glorious rain the like of which Perth hasn't seen in a while, but still, I wish ot could have been abit better attuned to my itinerary...

Seems that VMotos might have peril sensitive belt drives. Mine definitely acted to reduce the risk of me doing mad driftz away from traffic lights, at any rate. As I got to the CBD (naturally - why would it happen anywhere else?) I actually thought I'd burned out the centrifugal clutch as the little motor revved and revved and the scooter inched away from the lights much to the annoyance of the taxi driver behind me.

After an hour or more of sitting out of the rain at my doctor's surgery though, it all came good again so I surmise that water in the belt drive is not a Good Thing for Mitey Milan. And here's why I was at the surgery, by the way. Yes I am available for your writing needs, just contact me I am happy to freelance for you too.

On the way home, I avoided flooded spots on the road and had no more trouble, so I suspect that the Douglas-Adamsesque behaviour was just a fluke. But I'm going to keep an eye on ScrappyV for any hint of a personality from now on!

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