Tuesday, 8 June 2010

First Augmented Blog Post. (Thanks, Zemanta.)

Aquaponics is a method of agriculture which takes elements of aquarium keeping, hydroponics, and can be slotted well into a permaculture system.

Take a large fishpond.  Take some growing beds of gravel to hold plant roots up in a liquid solution.  Pump the water which the fish have excreted in and pump it over that grow bed.  Return the water back to the fish pond minus all the excrement, which the plants have meanwhile snacked on and found to be delicious.

I'm having a go at this, in the next year.  I'll be posting pics and articles here and to my Facebook account, so everyone can stay informed.

QUESTION: Does anyone actually read blogs anymore?  I'm wondering, because aside from the clumsiness of FB Notes, I find I'm posting more things to FB than to Blogger and Flickr combined, these days, and it seems that the readership for blogs is in decline - is that true?  Anyone got comments on this?

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