Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Shrunk & Trite - The New Grammar

The phenomenon of lolcats is pretty much the history of easy photocaptioning. Ever since those silly stickers came out that you could wreak havoic on your family snaps with, people have been finding new ways to be funny with words and pictures.

I don't think it's any special form of communication, although Anil Dash Blog has several articles on lolcats grammar which are quite amusing. I do think though that just as our elders had to catch up to "hep cat" and "hippy" and other language structure and grammar changes, we are now developing the next wave of communication.

Via the medium of BBS mail and SMS and email and IRC and IM, we have approached a new form of minimalist communication which nevertheless has a rich set of rules and syntaxes, and it's fun to trace the development of the language Skynet will speak when machines grow up..

Follow more lolcats grammar rules on ICanHasCheezBurger.Com and we can see the history already behind the online communications.

Still not convinced? Grammar Girl has an article on Twitter grammar do's and don'ts at her blog but I think she just missed the good pun with her name, "Strunk & Twite" does not do Twitter justice, a better title might have been "Shrunk & Trite" - much as I love Twitter I find that "I can has cheezburger!" is just not what I want to know when I want to know what my friends online are doing right now...

Anyhow I has my own lolcatz vying for my attention with much tailz n purrz so I can has catz time, and this is as good a place as any to say Hay guise! CYAZ! lol!

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