Tuesday 7 May 2024

The Cat Amazon

SO what can you do when your cat apparently likes boots, boxes, and a life on the West Coast?

Hello. Today I'll let Dr Furgatroyd provide the article, what with him being - you know... A cat and everything, and this being about an (attractive, he assures me that the subject is a most attractive queen) cat. And I'll include a cat classic country Youtube video down the end of the article. (After the good Doctor has finished the article, I've no wish to see my shed dust extractor project turned into a fusion reactor. Imagine the first time I turned it on and it generated power - the Men In Black would have to hunt me down and kill me, claim there was a gas leak that caused the explosion that killed everyone in a 500m radius - and Furgatroyd would just stroll out of the roiling destruction, smooth his fur, and - well, just make sure you follow the link...)

It's a slightly spooky tale, it arrived on our News desk this morning, right when we've experienced an eerie autumnal fog here. Make of that what you will, and  - take it away Dr Furgatroyd! 

A tortie cat (tortoiseshell, a cat with three colours in her coat, and I say "her" because that third colour takes away a spot normally reserved for the male gene so torties are female) survived six days on an impulse journey.

When Carrie Clark realised her cat Galena was missing she went through all the usual agonies cat owners are familiar with when cats go AWOL. Flyers posted locally in Lehi, Utah garnered no responses. Searching the neighbourhood for fuzzy speed bumps met only negative results.One bad result, one good result.

But Galena was still missing... 

For six days...

In a classic Shroedinger's Cat / Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle / the Amazon Box Dark Energy scenario, she was eventually found alive in Riverside, California, 860km southwest of her hometown Lehi. In an Amazon box. And the husband did it. (Oh crap, I think I gave it away. Did I give it away? No, luckily that didn't really give it away. Carry on!)

Bear in mind that cats naturally prefer Schroedinger's thought experiment and celebrate it at every opportunity by jumping into boxes -any boxes - that happen to be around. Especially, apparently, Amazon boxes. Their fondness for Heisenberg too they show in the way that you can only ever see where they've been by the trail of items swept to the floor; or measure their speed when they do their 3AM Zoomie Skedaddles. 

The place in Riverside where she was found was an Amazon warehouse. Six days after going missing, she was a bit dehydrated and starving hungry but otherwise seemed okay. Thanks to her chip, her family was contacted and they flew to Riverside, picked up Galena, and drove home with their blue eyed girl. 

Turns out that Mr Carrie (who, given the cat's mineral name and the fact that this story is about to deal with work boots, may have been working at a mine?) had bought several pairs of workboots from Amazon, selected the pair that fitted best, put those aside, and turned back and taped up the box to return the unneeded pairs of boots. 

You see where this is going, right? There's an accessible cardboard box. It's an Amazon box. It contains several pairs of boots, and a space where a pair of boots have been selected and taken out. A cat-sized space, in a box, an Amazon box...

Schroedinger Points In Space, Time, And Alternate Universes

Apparently that's the Schroedinger Point, that moment where two Universes intersect and create a fork, one with Galena remaining at home, and one where she gets a holiday on the West Coast. We're apparently in the latter one. We draw a discreet veil over any other possible Universes which this Schroedinger point may have brought into existence. (Sorry - Multiverses aren't "fair" or "cruel" - they just ARE. And Bad Things happen in some of them...)

Take-away Points

  1. If you have a cat and a box, you have potential for a Schroedinger Point to coalesce.
  2. If you feel you'll ever face such an event, get your pets chipped! It does save many animals every week.
  3. If you're the husband that created the trigger conditions and then didn't perform the most basic safety precaution of looking in the box to establish the starting parameters, make sure the newspapers never get your first name, because Names Have Power. Let your wife take the flak.

Seriously - get your pet chipped. If you pack a box - any box - and you have a pet - any pet, we hear that dogs, reptiles, and some birds have been lobbying to be permitted to experience Schroedinger Point Amazon Box events. They also get under or over fences, the postie unwittingly lets them out when delivering your parcels, and may also get into laundry sacks, your gardening Wellingtons, or secrete themselves in your car while your attention.s distracted and then suddenly appear when you're on the Freeway crossing three lanes to the exit - and in this case, you're also part of the experiment...

The End (But Wait! There's More!)

Keep reading for the video link, meanwhile please share this article if you enjoyed it, and us the donation buttons to help me keep these sites online and alive.

Still waiting for that link?

Okay - here it is. Chad Morgan is an Aussie who did comedic Country music in Australia, back when "political correctness" meant voting Labor. Enjoy!

Sunday 5 May 2024

From Ye Old Blogge: Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Memory Lane

From Ye Old Blogge: Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

At The Old "Cat'N'Coincidence"

Ghostie (my little ginger buddy) plucked me out of the doldrums on Friday. He'd been a bit more miaowy than he normally is and seemed t be sleeping more. By evening he had a limp - and scored an immediate visit to the vet - and by 6:15 he'd had a dislocated knee joint put back in and been prescribed anti inflammatories even though he showed no immediate signs of bursting into flame. But it did reduce the inflammation around the knee joint, over the next four days.

And because he kept wanting to jump and climb stuff, he became a carpet cat for a week while his hip relocateda. Loved the special attention, the cuddles and earscratches, and has been very cute. His litter tray went in the bathroom, and he joined me in the bathroom once. This a a "biggified" bathroom wehere we tore out the pathetic shower nook and the baby surprise size bath, and installed a large spa with shower.

No shower curtain you see - and usually no cats - no SANE cats - would stay there when anyone was showering, Ghostie picked the spot on the mat that was driest, indicating that it rarely got wet, and then he studied me, really did the "watch every move" thing. Then he waited until I was looking at him, raised his paw, licked it, and washed his face.

The message was that he'd figured it out, I was grooming and washing and he was down with that, he watched a while longer and then started washing himself too.

Now coincidentally to the cat becoming so intelligent, my other system admin stayed home Monday, with a busted knee from football. And here's a coincidence, Diego Maradona is also in hospital off work (with heart problems (that I don't have) and respiratory problems.) Which I do have. Now if only I hadn't misread Maradona as Madonna, maybe things would have settled down. But obviously I didn't. Becaue McDonald's manager in Australia died of a heart attack...  Think that's mad anyone?

I think we make a habit of ignoring coincidences and odd similarities in our lives, and maybe we're missing a lot of the fun of life because of that. I'm making a conscious effort from now on to note and remember as many of them as I can, and blog them for your amusement...

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Weird Search Behaviour

WTF? Type in projectgutenberg.org and get taken to http://iraqi-mission.org ??? How the hell can IE make such a connection? Is PG a subversive organisation, is Saddam considered a benevolent source of wisdom, WTF WTF WTF?

These are random blog posts I recently rescued from a text dump of my earliest recorded blog posts from Ye Good Ole Days of writing stuff in Notepad and using some weird software that basically uploaded your entire blog every time you added a new article or edited an old one. 

I'm shamelessly adding that little mini-banner graphic with links for you to donate, check my newsletter site, and generally get more entangled in my weird world.    

Thursday 2 May 2024

Recess Of Ye Old Blogge Posts

Just a quick note, "From Ye Old Blogge" is going on a winter recess while I thrash out a few knotty software template issues. I'm also trying out a few other things that may or may not become useful.

This Sunday marks a break in those postings that'll last until the weather warms up again, sooner if I can get through a pile of accumulated to-do items.

Here are the key bits:

Why The Recess?

Because - I'm trying to create code and templates for my articles that should lift them out of the plainness that most blog templates have, which will hopefully put in header image content *only* when other image content doesn't exist further down, that can work out which publication it's on and put in only the relevant links, etc. It's probably easy-peasy for a webdev - but for me it's been a headache and I need to sort it out because currently adding my code to each article manually takes valuable time, time I really don't have.

Yeah there are already templates that change layout and colours and fonts but they're specific to blogspot/blogger and WP and so forth - and also, I'd have to write (at this stage) more than ten different templates and keep each one updated individually - I can't just change just the link to some common resource that I share on all articles (like (say) a bookstore link or whatever) without having to find and manually change each template on each publication that it might be relevant on. 

It's nothing revolutionary or cutting-edge but it's difficult for me to do with everything else going on. My brain hurts. 

Also A Reason

I also have a lot of catching up to do in the real world. Our kitchen got an upgrade from the landlord which means 1/4 of a remodel and a really new but very basic electric stove, and a loss of storage spaces that I've been painstakingly building for things and the spaces where those storage cabinets were, are now occupied by blank tile splashback that I can't attach the storage to or that gets in the way of the cabinets. And a whole list of other stuff I now have to deal with if I want my kitchen back to something I can enjoy working in again.

A bloke can only enjoy cooking on the electrically-powered equivalent of a campfire for so many days before "pretend we're camping" ceases to be fun.

The handyman also broke the mixer tap I'd bought specifically to fit the 13.5cm water pipe spacing in the kitchen (everything else in the civilised world uses 15cm spacing, it took me ages to find a suitable tap) and so for the moment our washing facilities have also gone back to "Click Go The Shears" days as well.

And I know - it was my tap, the landlord gave tacit permission for it by letting his plumber install it for us - but now his carpenter/handyman has rendered it unusable, and I - I'm just too soft on people. I can't make the issue a problem for Bob the Builder (as I'll call him) so I even gave him $50 to go buy two standard taps as a temporary fix because I didn't want this coming out of his wage. I can't make it the landlord's problem because he's on a few weeks' leave and besides he's done the right thing for us all the way and even let me fit a tap that suits me but might not suit the next tenant.

So I've bought a new mixer tap but - aw hell just read on, it's near the bottom of the post and more info on a linked post. Suffice to say I'm still in Click Go The Shears timewarpsville... 

Disclaimer: The landlord has done the right things all the way along, we no longer have ANY polluting gas appliances - and is to be commended on their efforts to make the house a home - but it's just thrown a spanner in our works at an already fraught time. 

My shed needs to be finished and space made for the new parking spot, the heater I bought needs to be installed in a way that won't need me to punch holes in the walls, there's still shelving and storage work uncompleted, and due to our medical crisis - which has ended better than we at first expected - is still going to take most of our efforts to manage the recuperation of for a year at least. 

And I'm as always trying to find a way to turn this hobby of mine into something that I can use to offset the costs of operating the websites and domain names and project building. And then that can perhaps put even a little bit of the thousands I've poured into the things, back into our petty cash tin so we can afford to do more at this time.

Future Directions

First and foremost, I want to spend time with my Other Half because I/we've realised that we want as much time together as we can fit in. I'll still be posting (no moaning from the back row there) as regularly as I can, but I'm putting my "recap of old posts" time into making the publication process and articles a bit better. 

I can also see that there's a crop ofAI apps that'll soon make it relatively easy even for an old dog like myself to stitch together audio and video content with MY text, video, and voice - and produce something that'll not be too embarrassing to post online.


I'm also at my wits' end with the automated scheduling / posting solutions I've been using, as they keep b0rking. I can only afford to use a cobbled-together solution using chains of "free" sites, the most affordable option would be close to $30-$40 a month - and I just can't afford it. This is why I really need a few people with means to make monthly donations. Many small donations will take a considerable load off my pension

Why scheduling and automation are important is that I can see a definite correlation between when a post schedules and when views of that and other pages goes up for a few days. More eyes on the pages means more chance that someone will share the page or even donate, and when that happens I'll finally be able  afford to use an auto-schedule service. 

As things stand I'm spending a fair bit of time finding scheduled posts, extracting the permalink and title, writing a slug for it, and then manually posting that to the three main places I release, FB, Mastodon, and BlueSky. If I was using automation I could cover around a dozen release sites with only the time cost of writing a slug - but right now, those three are all I can manage.


Go to Teds News Stand and bookmark that, then you can go there anytime and check out my last twenty articles across all my publications updated almost in real time. If you take a look you'll see a link to subscribe to my weekly newsletter but I can't recommend doing it right now because - well, this:

I'm also working on getting a "new" newsletter software up and running that doesn't want my money every month or that offers a "free up to 500 subscribers" service - and then wants me to manually transfer the newsletter among their pool of servers every few months and having to transfer every aspect of the newsletter manually. At that rate I'm better off with a list of email addresses and a copy to Outlook running on my laptop, extra work that I really don't have enough time as a sole person to manage. 

Anyone with solutions to these things - sites that have truly free newsletter and/or scheduling sw, or tools for automating video and podcast production - please please please drop me a note in comments or using my Mastodon account.

All Right - The Last Li'L Bit:

That Damn Tap

I'm using (or rather - sad smiley - was using) a bathtub mixer tap with integrated hand shower diverter. Because it saves water AND saves my hands. They look like this:

This is the "replacement" tap, and it's almost 2cm too wide...

The rest of the story's here. For now  - long story short, it took me almost five years to get permission to install this tap and we've had it for less than a year before the handyman fwrecked it, and now ..... timewarp forward a week or so .....  UPDATE: Got a handyman and between us we took off the new tiles the landlord's handyman had put up and finally spaced the plumbing out to fit standard spacing. Photos will be back on the PTEC3D Blog link. 

The Rest Of The CTA

As always, please share this page and my others like it, use the links and buttons below. Wider circulation means perhaps a few donations that can take the load off our limited pensions.

Use the Ko-Fi cup or Paypal icons to make a donation if you can, it really would help,

Go forth and be Earthlings!

Unrelated, but sorta linked, but humorous anyway:

While writing this I was also listening to a podcast about female orgasm, the discovery of the G spot, and then the eventual discovery that this spot seems connected to the clitoris. The presenters were pretty out there and open about it all. (But wait, there's more.)

Decided to go to ABC podcasts page to find the episode there, accidentally tapped an adjacent food blog page tab by mistake - and it had a picture of a slider sized bun split in half with a cocktail frank laid in it like a mini-hotdog. Or just like an illustration out of a biology textbook... 

That's partly the reason this article and the PTEC3D article I linked have taken so long... It's hard to type when your eyes are streaming with tears from laughing. 

Hominids out there - REAL Earthling hominids - be kind to your mate and your family, be kind to the other Earthlings from the most advanced (cats, of course) to the lowliest plankton, and look after our spaceship, because one day it'll be a really good ship if we start cleaning now and fixing the clagged-up life support system. 


Sunday 28 April 2024

From Ye Old Blogge: Saturday, April 17, 2004

Memory Lane

From Ye Old Blogge: Saturday, April 17, 2004

You may have noticed that every so often, something about this format changes - a word here, a sentence there - and it seems to go in batches. Because I only do these repost articles in batches. They are a dry dry way to add content, but also, they compare and contrast with my current articles, too. And sometimes, they show things that have stuck with me.

Like this post about early learning that not all the people I looked up to were smarter than a four-year-old. Or that I could travel by book, and now still travel by words on electrons.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Travelling By Print, Travelling By Electron

"Of course you get more spam, you travel to more of the Internet than I do." That's Trish's explanation of the spam epidemic I'm experiencing.

So it seems that the Internet now looks like geography to people, and you need inocculations and precautions to avoid viruses and spam....

And yeap, we do travel - as a kid I liked to read, I could go through books at the rate of several a week when our Library had stock. In fact, I reckon books outfitted me for later life much better than school did. Books let me go to some interesting places without leaving the loungeroom rug.

Let me explain that. I'm no prodigy but I've always enjoyed knowing about things around me, to the point that one of my earliest memories is of my much older half-brother Michael giving me an electric motor and a battery when I was almost four. Michael made powered electric cars, which were THE toy for kids in the early 60's.

Unfortunately, he didn't leave me any wire to connect the two together.. And at age four, I remember thinking that wire must be very costly. But I asked my mother anyway, and then she earned my eternal disbelief with her answer.

"Use a bit of cotton" she suggested. And even at that age I remember wondering how someone could not know that cotton doesn't conduct electricity...

I'd looked at Michael's instructions for making his cars, you see. And while I couldn't read I could understand pictures. One of the pictures was of double-cotton-covered (dcc) wire... And even I knew that the cotton kept the electricity in...

Mum was hoping to baffle me with bullshit, because she too probably thought it would cost too much. My first ever snow job...

So from that time on I determined that I needed to not be like Mum, I needed to know what goes on in the world around me. In books, I could travel to other places in the world, learn about them. I could travel to laboratories, observatories, and conservatories. I could see Galvani wiring up his frog's-leg dinner, I could watch Boyle experiment with the properties of gases...

So when my primary school teacher four years later told us hot air rises I was ready. "Please Sir, it's actually cold air that sinks and pushes the hot air up, otherwise air would just keep rising and we wouldn't be here."

I was told off in front of the class, and lost all respect for so-called "teachers" who know less than their students.

(Hey, this should actually be one of my "Pride In Incompetence" blogs!) He was baffling all of us kids with bullshit because he was not a specialised teacher, and his knowledge of general science was shaky. 

(It was also the late 60s/early 70s... TedPTEC3D)

With tourguides like that it's no wonder I found books to be much better, and now find the Internet to be the ultimate book, the ultimate guide... And as a traveller here who started out around the mid-90's, I guess I am a bit blase about it all.

And while some of us are using the library to find out about it, there are some who, just like my mother, miss the point and try to use their limited knowledge to divert and misdirect, who, like my teacher, don't know enough to make a contribution but will bluster and bully. And they are the people who create the social conditions in which spam, viruses, and overcommercialisation flourish.

Just like early "travellers" who had no idea about hygiene and no words for "freedom of religious expression" these people now wander around cyberspace and are even less equipped to handle it than their predecessors.

These are random blog posts I recently rescued from a text dump of my earliest recorded blog posts from Ye Good Ole Days of writing stuff in Notepad and using some weird software that basically uploaded your entire blog every time you added a new article or edited an old one. 

I'm shamelessly adding that little mini-banner graphic with links for you to donate, check my newsletter site, and generally get more entangled in my weird world.    

Sunday 21 April 2024

From Ye Old Blogge: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Memory Lane

From Ye Old Blogge: Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Explore The Issues Of Cybernetics At TEdADYNE Systems!
Big news! I've found that lately I've been carrying more and more stories here to do with nanotechnology, cybernetics, and interfaces between man and machine.
Since this is a general ramblings column and the issue of cyborging is likely to be a contentious one, I've taken the step of splitting the topic off to it's own blog, TEdADYNE Systems. There, I will be able to include a comments system and some related works of fiction I've been working on, and ensure the material of both blogs isn't diluted.
In any case, it's major news. Here I am, suddenly I have a direction to go in, a range of subject matter which I want to make a contribution in, and actually working on a blog which isn't just a vanity blog. Wow...
I hope you'll bookmark both blogs, but if you bookmark just one, then bookmark TEdADYNE Systems blog, because I promise you it will be an interesting ride...
I will still, of course, keep posting here but this is not the area for cybor-ethics, this is more my venting place for things that I just can't keep to myself. Thank you all who are reading this, for your patronage. Enjoy!

These are random blog posts I recently rescued from a text dump of my earliest recorded blog posts from Ye Good Ole Days of writing stuff in Notepad and using some weird software that basically uploaded your entire blog every time you added a new article or edited an old one. 

I'm shamelessly adding that little mini-banner graphic with links for you to donate, check my newsletter site, and generally get more entangled in my weird world.    

Sunday 14 April 2024

From Ye Old Blogge: Friday, April 09, 2004

Memory Lane

From Ye Old Blogge: Friday, April 09, 2004

Friday, April 09, 2004

testable stuff
Cells choose their jobs, like cops. Sometimes there's a shortage and then the bad guys win. This is a biologically lawless time... %( Also, remember the 'anima' idea? That there's only so much 'thingness' in the world for any particular thing, and when too many of that thing appear, they have to share it between them, leading to a thing being less like the archetype... Then if it's human, you get 'losses' in the thing, like weakness for drugs, cancers, weird illnesses, and so forth. And in order to have enough 'thingness' that means that the thingness of extinct species has to be subsumed to your particular archetype. So how much 'virusness' is there and how much 'humanness'? Will they subsume our archetype or do we absorb the bugs?
Increase the electron shell - decrease friction.
they changed my blog? me? a la matrix?
png and tribes and generations
why some ppl dumb down
why is there no fluoride free toothpaste left?

These are random blog posts I recently rescued from a text dump of my earliest recorded blog posts from Ye Good Ole Days of writing stuff in Notepad and using some weird software that basically uploaded your entire blog every time you added a new article or edited an old one. 

I'm shamelessly adding that little mini-banner graphic with links for you to donate, check my newsletter site, and generally get more entangled in my weird world.    

Wednesday 10 April 2024

News Brainfarts by Yours Truly 002

Every so often, I find a bunch of news headlines on various services to set off a verbal fireworks. I get the idea that I can write the article better, and then you get to suffer through my version... 

First, this newsletter lede from a news service I quite enjoy, but - they apparently devoted a whole article to this:

School holidays are here. These are the ways to beat hip-pocket movie pain (TND)

"... many adult prices are now over $25..." ...&c. Save money by taking the bus for the last leg instead of parking, check prices at all the cinemas as they can save you money, use a loyalty program if it makes sense. Bring your own drink, eat before going in.

- I say: Netflix. Netflix and chill: chill, kids, or I'll cancel that too. Money to go to the movies? Chores. Chores for money. Yes I do love you but the first thing to learn is TANSTAAFL, There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch. (See next item...)

This from an ABC Radio podcast:

Can we beat inflation and keep jobs? (ABC)

 Several lines leapt out of this podcast to me. And not direct quotes, but the gist of each line is preserved. This is a longer rant, proceed at own risk.

First, the shownotes of the podcast:

"What does the current state of the economy mean for the unemployment rate and your job?
For decades we’ve turned to well-read textbooks to help us understand how our economy will behave.
But right now something strange is happening and for some economists it’s a bit of a miracle.
They’re calling it ‘immaculate disinflation’, because when interest rates rise dramatically, as they have in Australia, you’d expect lots of people to lose their jobs.
But this time, the inflation rate is coming down and the unemployment rate remains relatively low.
Today, business editor Ian Verrender explains the current economic weirdness. "

- I say:  "it's a bit of a miracle" and "economic theory did not predict this, it contradicts every important principle" and I say "??? Really??? I think what you mean is that economics has been a hodgepodge of bullshit "rules" that economists applied to justify their existence - but rules made from the point of view of exploiting the working person for the benefit of the one-percenters.

- Okay - now to the podcast contents. 

There's a line where Ian says something like "we're not putting enough people out of jobs." Really??? 

Or "post-war, the idea of zero unemployment was zero unemployment, i.e. every person had a job. 

But then this idea came along that if everyone was employed, inflation would go up. And since then, it's been:

Increase the interest rates, that slows down the economy. Slow the economy, and that puts people out of a job. More unemployed people, more competition for jobs, drives wages down. Businesses "will be less driven to put up the cost of their goods and services. 

What? Businesses will always do whatever the hell they want to. S here you also have the wrong end of the stick, economists. If businesses can't put prices up to match their desire for profit they'll just fire people until they reach their desired profit. THAT'S how the two relate to each other. 

The way economists put it, is to use NZ economist Bill Philips' "Philips Curve" that he developed - almost a century ago - in1958. Bear in mind how much more direct influence "the gentry" had back then, with many still running on almost a feudal system of governing.

Philips therefore called it a "natural trade-off between unemployment and prices" but in line with the prevalent thinking attributed it to the "bad workers." I think the phrase "people just don't want to work anymore" may have arisen around then, too. That's all a bit telling...

Let me go back even further, to the World Wars. After war, governments wanted zero unemployment - everyone in a job - because the country needed to rebuild, to regain infrastructure. 

Bear in mind also that a mere few decades earlier was still the heartless, crushing, and exploitative phase of the Industrial Revolution that saw people worked to death for the price of a few potatoes. Employment in the new "enlightened" conditions was seen as a worthwhile goal. Go us!

The gentry (aka the One-Percenters eventually) however, are always exploitative. If they had to pay a certain minimum wage, then despite the fact that they were making a reasaonable living themselves, it wasn't enough. 

First, they needed money "for expansion" on the promise of more jobs being created. 

But then they also needed more money themselves for "management duties" that this larger enterprise required from them. So not quite as many jobs as promised were created... And so on.

Nothing - and I will reiterate this loud and clear - NOTHING - can ever be attributed to the "greed" of workers. Fighting for enough wages and conditions to be able to buy the increasingly-more-expensive goods and services and have time to use them, that's not greed, that's asking for the right to become customers of the businesses, and have a reasonably good life. 


Then there was this idea that there's a rate of 5% unemployment would keep this newly-created "inflation" thing in check. The non-accelerating-inflation rate of unemployment or NAIRoU represented (and I am not making this up, Ian said this) this "elusive level of despair in workers" that would keep prices in check. I'll just say that again:

This "elusive level of despair in workers" that would keep prices in check. 

The RBA (and other central banks, that's also made clear in the podcast) are trying to create despair by keeping work out of reach of a certain percentage of their populations. 

I can't overstate that. Nor stop myself from actually weeping when I think of how many good people ended up killed by that fucking stupid theory of economics.

We're being shown, in every news article, every story, every movie we watch (thus also neatly tying back to the last headline) that we should admire and emulate greed, hoarding of money, exploiting our fellow humans. 

Economists are driving the economy to produce ever-increasing returns, without a thought to where that increase will lead. The bullshit "rules" they pulled out of their arses most of the time, exist only to increase that "elusive level of despair" to the point where there are only two people left in the world, one holding all the wealth of the planet, albeit in a form that they cannot actually make use of, and one starving to death in front of them as a stand-in for a Netflix movie entertainment. 

The Reason For The Good Unemployment Figures:

People are more than willing to work. But not to be exploited, and not for work that goes against the common good. 

And we're realising that killing our life support system Planet Earth for the sake of someone to be able to sit atop a pile of our bodies and the rotting corpse of what was once a perfectly functioning planet is not the derfinition of "common good..."

And finally some news that *might* end in some good:

Break Up The Firms

Not really coincidentally, I'm going to also mention this TheConversation article. For the natural counterbalance to the "economic theories" mentioned above, this is something that needs to happen. With many of our Ministers accepting donations from many of the firms that adhere to the economic theories I mentioned above, it'll be a bit of a battle to get effective legislations in place, but either we get them, or many good people will die of the "despair" those company oligarchies want to foist on us.

It's a point at which we have to enforce a "stop, examine, and then act accordingly" policy. When two supermarkets can cause "despair" both by underpaying their employees and suppliers while simultaneously also causing "despair" by overcharging their customers through colluding between them to fix prices and wages then it's time for people to take action.

We have the choice of direct action - refusing to purchase at those stores, picketing and protesting - or by influencing our government which has the power to directly legislate. We need to do the latter more than the former, but they are all avenues open to us. I laid some out in a previous article but I really urge much more pressure on the government. 

If the personal wealths of the One-Percenters were redistributed and the limits on wealth of firms enforced, the whole planet could live that bit easier. (Seriously - I tried out a few figures, see down the very bottom of the page.)

Thing is - yes, those companies (firms/businesses/corporations/whathaveyou) did accumulate wealth to get bigger and be able to accelerate progress. But far more research was carried out by Universities and research organisations funded privately or by those companies or by governments than purely in the companies. They exploited the discoveries and made them widely available, but always at a price we can't really afford to bear any more. 


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Here's my calcumalations:

Average CEO salaries range from $23bn (Elon Musk's now infamous "realised salary") down to $150,000 for small firms. Discounting the Count of Bullshit and Jeff Bezos, We get Tim Cook of Apple at $770m, down to about $30m, in the top 33 CEOs I was able to get numbers on. They earn an average of $120m each between them. (Estimated average of the following https://finance.yahoo.com/news/top-10-highest-paid-ceos-110400063.html and https://www.visualcapitalist.com/the-highest-paid-ceos

CEOs of less stellar firms seem to average out at about $200,000, i.e. $0.2m, between the thousands of them. So the 33 biggest, averaged with 10,000 of their poorer cousins, means that the world's CEOs average about $590m pa.

We're asked to accept that we should get a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. 

I estimate that an average CEO's workdays per year probably never exceed 220. (I'm counting four weeks' leave plus shorter sabbaticals amounting to another four, and ignoring weekends.

Discounting those like Musk, people like Tim Cooke are earning over $3m per working day. (Don't believe me? At 220 working days and $770m/pa income it's $3.5m, and even if you count every day of the year including weekends he's still earning $2.1m per day.

Counting the ones at more average companies, whose annual salary is a more realistic $200k pa, they are still earning $900 per working day

We put those people up on pedestals, how good must they be, ay? And yet the money they've amassed could improve everyone's wages past the point of "despair," and as we've seen, people DO want to work. Not wanting to work is a bit of a hoax, methinks. Sure, there are the inevitable "idle villeins" and Lotus Eaters, but there are also axe murderers and speeding drivers. We have ways to deal with those, we could find ways for the wilful refusers too. 

14m people in Australia are in employment. The average wage in Australia is $1,800 per week. That's $93,000 pa pp. The exchange rate is around That means that the CEO of Apple earns almost 12,500 times what an average Aussie earns. 

No one is worth $3m ($4.52m in AUD) a day. 

And no-one can sensibly spend $3m a day if they're also holding down an (apparently) responsible position in a company like Apple. So personal wealth *must* accumulate at a phenomenal rate. And at the same time, world poverty accumulates too...

Sunday 7 April 2024

From Ye Old Blogge: Monday, April 05, 2004 #2

Memory Lane

From Ye Old Blogge: Monday, April 05, 2004 #2

Monday, April 05, 2004

Ingvar Kamprad is the AntiGates
Farewell Bill Gates, from all your rich mates,Farewell the AntiGeek, dumped, no more great.Bad taste will always trump bugridden code,Done by a Swedish cheap furnishing bloke.
Okay so it's doggerel in the worst taste - but hey this is Ikea we're talking about, and Microsoft - taste doesn't enter into the equation...
So now that Ingvar K is the new world's richest bloke, does that make him the new enemy of the home handyman? Are thousands of socially withdrawn home carpenters sitting at turning lathes at home making copies of Ikea spindle back chairs?
Are they engraving anti-Kamprad slogans into the tops of pine bolt-together kitchen table with their routers?
Or - gasp! - are they breeding ever newer, faster, more voracious woodworms in their workshops and sheds to release onto our unsuspecting furniture? "If you von't buy Ikea orichinalls den p'raps won day you chuss sitting for breakfas an voom! - you lend on floor on you ass... Ve sell you new lacquer to put on, stop dose vorms..."
Why isn't this happening? What's the difference between Bill and Ingvar? They both buy other people's ideas really cheap, bash them into a form suitable for production, and then sell them for a lot more than they're worth. They both have design and look and feel and copyright and property patents on a variety of things.
Yet Bill is reviled and hated while Ingvar is applauded. What gives here? Why this difference?
Hmmm - there are a lot of people out there producing software, and crying out that Microsoft owning all those patents is making it impossible for anyone else to make a living at software - yet they're making a living...
On the other hand, Ikea owns and copyrights a lot of designs and a large range of products, and there are furniture makers out there making a living...
Software was, until recently, pumped out by expensive programmers, with expensive managers. Now, more and more, the programmers are becoming cheaper because more software is produced offshore where expertise is cheaper.
A long time ago, furniture was made by expensive craftsman artisans and sold by expensive sellers, then they discovered offshore mass production where labour is cheaper - and the furniture makers flourish to this day...
Microsoft should just go away and let us software houses make a living at softwarwe! Make Microsoft go away please!
Ikea makes a table? Hell, we'll make our own tables! They make chairs? We'll make cushions for them!
Seem to me that the difference is mostly attitude, no?

These are random blog posts I recently rescued from a text dump of my earliest recorded blog posts from Ye Good Ole Days of writing stuff in Notepad and using some weird software that basically uploaded your entire blog every time you added a new article or edited an old one. 

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From Ye Old Blogge: Monday, April 05, 2004

More Lemany

From Ye Old Blogge: Monday, April 05, 2004

Monday, April 05, 2004

About Buses
Watching the buses this morning on the way to work. You get plenty of time because there's a real bottleneck into Perth city coming over the causeway, right where six lanes of traffic from three different roads try to merge down into two lanes. Best bit of city planning you ever saw, yessirree...
Also merging there are two lanes of buses, merging down to one at the busport there. So I'm sitting in a car which is idling there for up to ten minutes every morning and moving about 50 metres in that time, watching half empty buses going to the busport and the city, and it occurs to me.
I'm sitting in a dinosaur stuck in a modern day LaBrea, watching lumbering behemoth dinosaurs. In another ten or twenty years either there won't be any people to remember, or else what they will remember is that these things once ruled the cities and the land...
I'm guessing that if people are still around they'll be using modules that chain together to form larger units as required, and that once some dickhead gets the use of solar energy right, these units will use electric power.
As for getting solar power right - I mean, at the moment another dinosaur, the modern manufacturer, is lamenting that it takes so much energy to make solar powered equipment that you never amortise the cost of the initial energy . Now suppose that they used their first batch of solar power generators to star powering the process of making further solar power generators...
ahaaaaaa, you're beginning to see the idea. Even if it takes five solar cells entire output for a year to make five more solar cells, at the end of that time you'd have ten solar cells... The tortoise wins again.
Stupid industrialists.

These are random blog posts I recently rescued from a text dump of my earliest recorded blog posts from Ye Good Ole Days of writing stuff in Notepad and using some weird software that basically uploaded your entire blog every time you added a new article or edited an old one. 

I'm shamelessly adding that little mini-banner graphic with links for you to donate, check my newsletter site, and generally get more entangled in my weird world.