Thursday, 3 May 2007

Google Calendar ROXXORS!!

A fair while ago I started to have some serious issues about Google Calendars - mainly, it had never heard of IE7 back then so I kept having to do other things to get it to come up, and then when GoogleCal caught up, I had to rebuild my machine on a much weaker laptop and lost IE7 anyway.

But other issues cropped up - useability issues, more and more of them. I got into their help forum and posted suggestions. And guess what? THE FEATURES ARE THERE NOW!

I was probably one voice in millions, but it's good to see. My main favourite feature? You can now turn on per-event which type of reminder you'd like - so I can set up SMS for meetings that I shouldn't miss, email for that reminder topick up flowers in the next few days, and pop-ups for work stuff. (At which time I have GoogleCal open so it can always make pop-ups.)

Thank you Google Labs!

1 comment:

bizz said...

if you like google cal you should check out calgoo - ive been using it since it went beta and its really made the google cal experience better for me. its still kind of buggy and its task list is lacking - but they seem to update often - plus its free so its in my price range.


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