Thursday, 13 August 2009

Spied: Your Pre Has Just Violated You

Amusing T.o.t.D:

Over the last few months of Pre hype, I think I'd prefer some other phone.  No, really.  Aside from not being The Answer for me, I don't think any mobile phone will ever be the answer.  In a future article I'll put down some thoughts on what will be.

Sad that Palm are lawyering up over Pre skins for other phones, because while they mightn't be a real one, they probably wouldn't trample on your privacy like the real Pre.

This puts Palm firmly into Amazon Kindle territory now, on a par with where the Evil Empire Microsoft was a few years back with their "call home" reporting spyware running in the Windows OS.  Actually, it's worse.  Because these hooks exist, you just know they will get abused by some form of malware.

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