Wednesday, 27 May 2009

We Are The Best!

Before you all shrug off Rudd as a dudd, please take a moment to let this sink in.  Of all the countries in the world, Australia is the one least affected by the Recession.  ANY amount of future debt is fine, provided it cushions the here and now.  There's not much point having money in the piggy bank for a ravaged country, better to do as we have done and go for it, and let tomorrow take care of itself.  For all we know, tomorrow there may be a whole different economic system in play, anyway...

Yes the recession has hit hard here, with mining jobs falling to the economic scythe, tourism dollars drying up, and the real estate and rental market in a mess.  But we're still managing to keep more going around and around than many - no, most - other countries of the world.  And that's not some lucky fluke, it's because we've been steered largely in the right direction.

I was on the point of giving up on our PM, I really was.  but maybe we need to give him a shot, and maybe ask the contrary few like Mr Turnbull to put it back in their pants and let K-Rudd do his job.  Who knows, we may be pleasantly surprised...

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