Thursday, 21 May 2009

Talking 'bout Every Other Generation

It's another article by the young technopuppies , you know the ones, they aren't out there creating anything new to do with the Internet or anything, they're just using it and complaining like the little bitches they are...  I'd love to ask if Gen Y'ners maybe don't fancy themselves a little bit too much, you poor precious li'l things...

See, you're the ones putting all your lives online there because as you say it's your Internet - and then putting the words into Aunty Jemima's (or whoever's) mouths that the oldies are concerned for your privacy.  While at the same time yourself whining like a bitch that *anyone* can just read your stuff online, like, y'know, Aunty Jemima and mum and even dad - bless his inappropriate li'l heart.

You're such a liberated li'l generation though, putting your lives and thoughts and pictures and memoirs and brainfarts and stuff there.  I like that, I have my stuff out there too, despite being a Boomer.  I get what it's about, I like that I don't have to repeat my story about The Big One That Got Away, and The Time That Dog Nearly Ate My Balls.  I love that I can send people to my bio pages or photobucket or the relevant blog article and they can find out as much about me as they want, without me having to laboriously repeat it all for them.

But you liberated li'l generation then get all effing precious precisely because everyone can read that online?  (Everyone, in this case, meaning, like, your parents and relatives God bless their inappropriate li'l hearts?)  Come on get a grip will yaz - and in the words of Ronnie Johns, how about a li'l bit of hardening the fuck up eh?

If we're to believe you and your mastery of high tech, you should have your parents on the ropes in this new medium.  If that's true, then how come you have to drag your asses to complainfests like that article and all sit there in a kumbaya circle telling yourselves how "OMG my parents have doomed my Facebook / Twitter / MySpace / etc OMG epic fail"?  Sounds to me like your parents have got you down for the count instead hey?

As the article also so kindly points out, the Boomers are a "demographic."  That means they are a section of the population who together possess particular traits skills habits needs and desires.  (Okay so they have a skill for interfering in your Facebook, a trait of being inappropriate, a habit misusing technology, a need for a shopping buggy, and a desire for that titanium Zimmer frame down at the local mobility aid store.)

That makes them, whether or not you personally approve, a section of the population.  A section of the population that will get online, and who will log into FacebookSpace and all the rest.

And I agree - I watch many of them struggling with what to use that "silly Twitter thing" for and how to get a video from their childrens' childhood on Facebook -apparently just so they can "embarass" you, - and them not thinking for one moment that once it's uploaded, it's online somewhere forever.  I watch them and want to beat them around the ears with relevant Clues or a Giant Cluebat.

But be fair to them, when they grew up there weren't even computers and gameboys, and many of them were brought up with the concept of "nerds" who developed complex pieces of flash high tech gear that needed a Doctorate Of Black Magic And Strange Thought Processes to operate and are thus clueless about whether or not they really can fax a VHS video to their cellphone so that their brother can burn it to DVD on his PC.

By the same token I've also seen a lot of Gen X and Gen Y bobbleheads who believe that the Secrets To The Intartubez are the magic incantations "LOLOLOL" and "OMGOMGOMG."  Brainless airheaded packets of 404 drifting from one social networking site to another wanting to hang with cool people.

To all those groups I say FOAD - but instead of worrying that they might read my profile or post a NSFW video on my wall, I'll deal with them as individual cases and not label them with tags until they earn them.

One old tag from BBS and newsgroup days seems appropriate for them though, being "LAMER..."

And for all the whiny kids who think that snivelling is all it takes to make lamers go away and give them back their Internet, maybe the old tag "echo cop" is kind of peripherally relevant...

Important for you to remember is that another generation is coming along, who will be just as offended when you show up with a n00b avatar at their favourite Real Life server and drop inappropriate penis bombs.   Learn to deal with your older generation, so that you can teach that skill to your kids...

Now get out there an' show me some Universal Peace And Love, man!  %)

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