Sunday, 31 May 2009

Scrappy V Leaves The Fold

Saturday, after a bit of inner struggle and some thinking, I finally sold Scrappy V, my little Vmoto scooter.  Well, the inner struggles happened a few weeks ago, with Saturday being the culmination.

Scrappy's gone to a nice owner, lovely person and I'm sure it will get a good life being someone else's shopping and get about town machine.  I know I had Scrappy for almost three years, and it served me well during that time, being my work transport, shopping transport, and getaway machine when I needed to get - well, away...

But since moving to "South Beyonderup" six months ago, I also know that I haven't been able to justify keeping that scooter. I was riding it only to keep the cobwebs off, and since I really am looking for other places in the country to live and maybe even permaculture farm, a little scooter with tiny wheels will maybe not be the best choice of transport.

Ciao to one of the most fun machines I've had the opportunity to own in a long time!

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