Monday, 29 December 2008

New Pet, New Blog Post, Yeah Yeah...

This Christmas I bought Trish a canary, to replace a canary she had a few years ago which died of old age.  She'd been pretty sad about it so I thought this year was enough time to be over it, and found a little canary for her, not a gold one but a green and black little guy, and a cage for it. While I was at Panton Pets with my sister, I spotted a little black and white bunny that seemed quite playful and clever, and I was hugely amused by it.

My sister told Trish about it later, plans were made, and at Christmas I was told that I had a gift that couldn't be delivered until it's weepy eye had been cleared up...  So on Boxing Day, Trish and I were out tracking down materials to make a hutch, and the next two days were spent building the combination hutch/run.  Not a moment too soon, because on Sunday, Peta Rabbit was ready to pick up.

Today marks the first full day for it to call this place home, and of course the temperature is on the way up, a dangerous time for hutch buns.  But Pet has her combi in a very cool spot in the yard, and besides, she spent more time indoors running mad laps and kicking up her heels.  I took a series of videos, not very good because I'm using a still camera in video mode, and stitched together a short movie, also not really great because A) I have NFI what I'm doing with video editing and B) I did this on a hot day, constantly distracted by more antics by the animals.  Bear with it though, it's mildly amusing.

When I put the little rabbit down in front of Ghostie there, I had to cut the last bit of the video for the sake of his dignity - when Peta bobbed her head down, Ghostie jumped backwards and ran off.  Would never do to show that kind of thing publicly...  %)

Suffice to say, today has been a lot of amusement, and I hope the next few days don't get too hot for a fluffy little bunny - I'll be sitting the worst heat out in the bus and might allow the two animals to run around in there with me, Ghostie is very well housetrained and Peta has shown herself to be a neat tidy little thing, using the same spot in her run for a toilet, so a tray with some of that sand in it should keep her neat as well.  And the bus is pretty cool with the A/C on.

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