Saturday, 6 December 2008

My Own Personal Bailout

I too have made a long and tearful plea for a billion-dollar bailout to the Government.  After all, literally dozens of people depend on me for their livelihood, and they will all feel the pinch if I go down the tubes.  Right here, is an example of that - how will you feel, having to read someone else's dribble, if I go belly-up?

The very wheels of industry might fall off, via some unimaginable butterfly effect.  I mean - my landlord and his property manager each stand to lose, so does Amcom (bless their hearts for trying hard to keep up with my Internet needs) and *cough*elstra for supplying my phone line, then of course there's electricity suppliers and shire rates and water rates and my newspaper delivery.

Then there's Woolworths and Coles and IGA and Gull Petroleum and Shell and Caltex and BP.  McDonalds and Burger King aka Hungry Jacks will take a small hit from my insolvency.  And all those specialty grocers and markets I support.  Who are they going to get their .037% of their income from if I tank it?

Sadly, the government turned me down after they took one look at my history of spending money unwisely, making wrong business decisions, exploiting my workforce, contributing to world pollution.  No, wait - that *was* the automakers...

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