Tuesday, 14 October 2008

US Politics. Irrelevant, But Fun To Analyse.

Political things in the States is slowly culminating.  Climaxing, even.  I have to say that it seem to me that either way they vote, the people of the USA are going to be screwed.  Putting a politician in power is like putting a kid in charge of a candy store, a glutton in charge of the pork barr...  Oh yeah - they already know that, they invented the term I think...

Anyhow - the States are faced with a choice of a Bush clone whose running mate is a hausfrau, or a black african american who grew up to be more upper crust than Lord Milquetoaste, and whose running mate is pretty much out of the news.  Biden who?  What?  And the ridiculousness doesn't end there.

Really.  Ah McCain, you've done it again.  I believe sales of pit bull bitches and lipstick are through the roof, while sales of Canadian Justice have just about exhausted the justice available.  Because, that was an indictable offense. The only reason I can think of that they didn't sling Sara's ass in jail is because either elitism is alive and well (oh! never!) or else that stocks of justice and commonsense have run  out.

And McCain's not above getting someone else to do his dirty work either.  It's a textbook smear, placed right at the right time, to take advantage of the fact that Jews and Arabs don't get on so well.

Mind you, poor old Obama BA bin Barak has been copping it even from local government.  Poor sod is doubly tarred with that brush.  Interesting sidetrack:  Will they reprint and resend, will people get confused by having two sets of ballot papers?  Consider that probably half of them won't know which is the correct set of papers if they do...  And then - if they leave the papers as they are, will McCain be able to say that a vote for "Osama" is not the same as a vote for "Obama" and thus invalidate those votes?

Luckily there's also support for Obama in the form of video, pity it limits itself to the "Florida vote."  As Sarah says in the video, it's probably the last chance for America to lose the title of assholes of the world.  It'll be interesting to see what the USAians choose...

Update: Sara Palin has her own fan club!

Last observation on the American sense of "justice:" It's not okay to use the word "niggah" there to refer to black americans - but it's fine to use the term "redneck" because let's face it, it's almost a term of endearment...   Wonder how the votes will go?

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