Sunday, 5 October 2008

Someone At Google FeedBurner Please Read This!

RESOLVED: Problem resolved. How?  Used IE.  And FF.  In fact, it seems almost any browser other than Google own Chrome, works just fine with their FeedBurner pages.

How's this for fail?  Google bought FeedBurner, right?  I've had a FeedBurner account for about a year beforehand, everything worked just fine, I have my blog on another Google acquisition,, and the ad code fitted right in the sidebar code for the site.

Then I saw a bit on the FeedBurner site or support pages, you could now link your FeedBurner account to your Google AdSense account and save a lot of mucking around and loading up pages with multiple lots of code etc.  It all seemed to make sense.

Until I went to do it.  The only way to do it is to go to the FeedBurner contact page, and the only link there is a link to submit your FeedBurner account name and your Google account name so they can link your accounts for you.  That was about a month ago now, and there's been no follow-up whatsoever.

Apparently, at any rate...  Because weird things are now happening:

Now a check of my FeedBurner stats yields 0 subscribers, - reach, yada yada.  For all the feeds...  I figured something pretty simple has to be wrong, go to the feed setup tabs for one of the feeds.  "Site stats are not active for this feed."

So I click on that link hoping to figure out why the one reason for me to use FeedBurner would be switched off.  Down the bottom of the form is a button that says "SAVE".  And next to that is the text "This service is always active."  Damn I wish someone had told the sidebar about that.

Meanwhile, clicking on the Statistics tab again brings up the subscriber stats.  For a second, then when I reload the page it's all zeroes and dashes again...  *sigh*  All this, mind you, has only started happening since I stupidly submitted my account and email to Google because they didn't trust me to be smart enough to do this on my own, but were too ignorant to actually tell me if they had done it, were going to do it, or had just lost my request among a million others.

Go back to FeedBurner Support pages, oh yeah - "and the only link there is a link to submit your FeedBurner account name and your Google account name so they can link your accounts for you." how could I forget that there IS NO WAY to contact FeedBurner Support?  So I go to the FeedBurner blog , hoping they have comments switched on.  Yay!  They do!  I may be able to ask in a comment why there's no support at all for anything at all...

Until I open the latest (several months old) blog article and trail down the comments, which are now closed, so I can't actually enter anything.  Oh - and did I mention that the blog is not hosted on  Hehehehe, right down the bottom of the page is this little gem:

Maybe Google needs to take ownership of their property and do some of the scut work instead of just developing Chrome-y Androids and invading people's Streets...  %)

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