Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Perth City Council Fails Disabled, General Public Responsibility

Way to FAIL, Perth City Council!

Took these pics today at PRAWNHEADS lunch .  On our wheelchair/stagger from food overload/walk from the Saigon  restaurant to the Dome coffee shop, the wheelchairs nearly got stuck in:
... some nice traps that were even hard to walk through, I can only imagine how nerve wracking it would have been for the people in chairs.  There is no alternative access, and also this is a now covered-over Telstra connection pit.

That's two photos, two resounding FAILs - you may not obstruct access to disabled person nor may you fail to provide some means of disabled access.  This site failed on both counts of that, as there are no ramps by the kerbs for wheelchairs, and there are those holes in the footpath endangering people who use shairs and mobility scooters.

Second resounding fail, and actually totally illegal and punishable by hefty fines, is in the first picture, obstructing a public telephone booth is an offense that can cost up to $10,000 per phone.  Thats's $20,000 worth of FAIL right there.

More picture among the last few on this album on Picasa , you can see they've blocked off about 40 metres along each street, blocked off public phones, provided no access for disabled people, and it's been in place for weeks now, it's not a one day disturbance.  Perth City Council needs their asses kicked over this!

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