Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pear Shaped

According to the news, we're about fifth most resource intensive in the world, our per person use of land for all our needs and wants accounting for quite a few hectares per person per year.  But then too we have a strange kind of land, where we're trying to balance productivity with lower environmental impact more and more.  So a hectare for us may not produce quite as much consumable resources as for some intensively-farmed countries.  In other words, we may be using more land per person but we're not taking as much from it.  I think we do quite well, and as new greening initiatives take hold, we'll start doing more with less, and bring our footprint down.

I remember also that we were among the more polluting people in the world too, with a carbon footprint that put us in the top end of the offenders.  It will be interesting to see how that fares in the next few years, too.

And we're also one of the hardest-working, according to this article.  It seems though that we're perhaps not as productive, because we're still tipped to slide into a recession,  and our dollar is worth less and less compared to the greenback.  Hardly seems fair does it?  America plunges everyone into a recession and their dollar increases in value relative to ours, even though we're supposed to be only heading for a shallow soft recession.

Something's not quite in shape here....

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