Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The High Cost Of - Bull?

Well - what else do politicians seem to produce in quantity?  Such as K-Rudd's fine gesture to pensioners, wow give them a whole $1100 (if they're a couple, that's what each gets) just before Christmas.  The fact that they've all had to make do with about a $100 a week shortfall for the last year and are already $5200 short of where they should be, let's not worry about that.  Just give 'em a lump sum and then tell 'em to piss off until I'm good and ready, okay?

Not that I'm bitter Mr Rudd - but dammitalltohell here's this article in the news which shows that the public service can quite happily do without $34,000,000 a year's worth of senior bull slingers, and I'm thinking - that is just one state!  So if we did that for every state and territory (NT, WA, SA, VIC, TAS, NSW, ACT, QLD hmmm times eight so that's ummm hummm...) $272,000,000 that could be put towards those troublesome pensioners...  Every year!

Oh yeah and also - with a pensioner's annual income being somewhere between $12,000 and $15,000 - which you have to admit is pretty shitty - that $34m is for 171 senior public servants who obviously didn't do an awful lot cos they won't be missed - and they were earning an average annual salary of $198,800 each.

I'd say there is some inequity there somewhere.  You may not have authored this problem Mr Rudd - but you sure as shit aren't dealing with it too well...

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