Friday, 24 October 2008

Failed War On Drugs?

It seems that drug use is increasing by 12% per year.  The video states that they think that legalising marijuana would prevent young people getting into harder drugs.  In other words, marijuana is the gateway drug.  This is probably true, but let's run with this for a moment...

Say dope is legalised.  So anyone over a certain age can have access to it legally, across the counter.  Haven't they heard of tobacco?  It's a drug too, a legal poison, and it's available to "anyone over a certain age" as well.  But it's not stopping children as young as five from walking around their homes with a cigarette, and not stopping primary school students smoking behind the bike shed.  How did they get tobacco?  Same way they'll get choof if it's "legalised."

Whatever way they can.  As also happens with alcohol and every other drug known to mankind.  Can you see how, in a society where those same kids can buy sixteen different kinds of street drugs, the "gateway" drug will just be one of those others?  If governments were really serious about the drug problem, they'd have a death penalty for supplying harmful drugs, and several tobacco and alcohol cartels would already have been put to death.

But if you "legalise" marijuana, there's another source of revenue and excises....  Do the maths people.  The only way to stop bad things like tobacco, alcohol, drugs, petrol and fossil fuels - is to take personal responsibility, take a stand, and say no...

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