Monday, 27 October 2008

The Balltower Has No Bells?

So on Sunday the Swan Belltower aka Richard Court's big green erection rang 29 times in a row somewhere in the middle of the hour rather than at the appropriate start/end.  How do I know?  T. and I were sat in a car at the lights as this happened.  This is the first thing I've written about that incident because at the time I hardly noticed it. Trish did, because she picks things like that up.  "25," she said, "26, 27, 28, 29..." at which stage the lights had changed and we were rolling again.  The bell may have pealed more but we were out of there.

I've also NEVER seen anything for the Swan Bells or the Belltower appear in Google Ads - and yet, when I opened Gmail, the sponsored link was this.  Talk about spookily synchronous...  And spookily asnychronous too, because our daylight saving time (another Richard Court favourite) kicked in at 2AM Sunday morning and I have no doubt it bollixed the bell recordings.  
And - I know, people have chipped me about this before, but come on...  Has anyone actually seen any bells in the belltower?  I had a short discussion online with someone who claimed to have worked at the Belltower and they swore that the tower really has bells, not just a big loud recorded carillion. But I've never seen anything that would even vaguely resemble a doorbell as I drive past it, so I prefer to think that just like Dick Caught, this erection has no bells...  

(For non-Western Aussies, the Belltower was commissioned by a second generation premier of the state (Charles Court is Richard Court's father) as some kind of shot at a lasting memorial, I guess.  The trouble is that it is ugly, expensive, a blot on the riverscape, and it was the butt of many jokes, some not really repeatable. Follow the thread of thought I've established, and run with it.  You'll get the idea... )

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