Thursday, 9 October 2008

Almost Obligatory Crap Article

This article has been broken out of another article today, due to the proliferation of bodily function humour to be gained from so many posts on similar topics.  It's here now because it brought a huge grin to my face as I kept reading, and so I hope you too will get at least a "hehe" out of it.  Also, if it makes just one more person ecologically aware, that makes this whole article worthwhile.

From "Solar. Now U Doin It Right.":
First, a random thought about "poo humour." Why?  hehehehe when someone has an article like this one, why mess with the words "poo power" when they could just come right out and say "shitricity, fo shiz!"  Much better "ring" to it.  (oops, no pun intended.  yeah.)  

UPDATE: Awwww crap!  Just too many articles on this topic for me to 'void it, must be a movement... 

From there, the day just got better:  We've all referred to toilet plumbing as "the shit-pipes" but that's just alimentary...  (Hmmm, why did the phrase "no shit, Sherlock" just cross my mind?)

Slightly less crappy is the drive to convert waste to energy, as in this article. They can do it more simply - I mean, we had goats and chickens and other animals when I was a kid, they turned almost all our rubbish into this neat, pelletised fertilizer for the garden... 

And just when you thought it was safe, here's an article which will lead to an urban myth that goes something like "you'll wake up in a bath of ice, with a dull ache down below.  DO NOT GET OUT OF THE BATH, they have put you there to facilitate the natural retraction reaction!" 

Stay tuned.  Today can only get better! %)

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