Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Yike! This is only spring!

Today.  I watched the thermometer inside the motorhome climb to 26.8C (which is 80F to metric-challenged people) and, intrigued, I put a thermometer outside, in the shade.  28.5C. (83F.)  That was around 13:30 - 14:00 today, will be interesting to see what the weather bureau will say on the news.

It's the first week of spring, and I figure this summer is going to be a bit warm...  Luckily Trish and I joined forces and got two low-HP air conditioners, the old box type, for a very good price (thank you Retravision) and I've worked out a simple through-the-window bracket for use in the bus which will let me put the A/C in when I need it and store it in the boot when it isn't needed.

Meanwhile, (of course, *sigh*) I've chosen today, the hottest day this spring, to have an oven casserole of pork and veges.  Luckily the breeze is in and the afternoon has been beautifully cool and pleasant.  Ah - you have to love days like this!

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