Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Take Inches Off!

... your manhood, I guess.  I dunno - I'd much prefer to be receiving two dozen emails a day for this than for the opposition...  Something about giving the ego a big boost, I spose.  

BTW I can have the product delivered to you in a brown paper package (as if THAT wasn't giveaway enough) emblazoned with the words "viagra!  cialis! sock it to her!" if you feel the least bit embarassed.  All for the low low price of double whatever...   

I can't help thinking though that they missed an important marketing angle by not including a "sensual gel" version of their product.  You know, "for when she just isn't in the mood..."


Wolfie! said...

I'm reading Ted, keep going.
I have been playing with my blogs too :)


teddlesruss dat who! said...

Yeah I was told I had to use it or lose it... Or hang on, was that the blog or the log? Curse my Elmo's Disease, I can't remember a thing unless it's red and has googly eyes...

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