Sunday, 21 September 2008

Happy Anniversary To My Private Parts!

Wow.  I realised I've completely passed over an anniversary I should have had framed and hung on my wall.  You see, three years and a few weeks ago, I joined the growing list of men who get told the grave news that they're developing prostate cancer.  For most men, there are few choices at that point.  You either have the prostate scraped to reduce size if it's a benign hyperplasy, or have it surgically removed if it's not so benign, or you undergo a round of pretty horrible chemotherapy that will make you very miserable and ill for a while.

Once you've undergone your procedure, you're not really off the hook yet, either.  In all the above cases, chances are extremely good that you will have been rendered impotent by the procedures, or urinarily incontinent, or - if you're one of the luckless ones - both.  On top of that, there's always the chance that the procedure didn't get all the cancerous cells, which means you can at best expect a recurrence of the prostate cancer, and at worst, a metastasing and spreading to all other parts of your body.

There's no question of it, prostate cancer has rapidly become one of the major killers of men in modern times.

When I got my results, and did some research, I didn't like ANY of those outcomes.  Besides, at only 48 years of age, I was NOT looking forward to having a good chance at impotence.  I also discovered, quite by accident, that the average age of men diagnosed with prostate cancer was getting lower, so, like me, many other guys must be in the same situation.

A chance remark by my urologist got me started on developing The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook diet.  He mentioned pomegranate juice, tomato paste, and red wine.  And suggested that I "pulse" with selenium supplement.  As he'd made no mention of dosages etc, I did some research for myself.  What I found, I applied to myself, and after seven months of using only my diet discoveries, I went back for a re-test.

The results amazed both my urologist and my GP, because in that seven months (and using ONLY my diet, no other treatment whatsoever) I reduced my PSA levels back to what a healthy 30 year old might be expected to have, and rather than put me through the pain and trauma of another biopsy, both my urologist and my GP concluded that with a PSA level that low, there was no chance that there were any abnormal cells in my prostate any more.

It was that simple.

Eat the right things, AT THE RIGHT TIMES AND IN THE RIGHT COMBINATIONS, and prostate cancer, atherosclerotic plaques, and several other forms of urinary and genital inflammation and cancer can be  beaten in less than a year.

Last year I posted this article because I was so relieved that my PSA levels were staying low.  This year I've had another PSA done and it has remained low.  My doctor has begun handing out the URL to my website.  Because, there are now several treatments for prostate cancer available - but they are still harsh medications and will have harsh side effects, no matter what they claim.  And my doctor knows that the worst thing that can happen to you on my diet is indigestion.  Maybe.  If you're very very unlucky.

The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook diet is based on eating the right foods, prepared the right way, and at the right times, to maximise the benefit your body can extract from them.  It includes one supplement in tablet form, being Selenium with Vitamin E, but this is only taken at certain times.  Everything else is just good healthy foods and recipes, and my research results which dictated how and when to use particular foods more.

If you have, or know someone with, prostate cancer, urinary or genital cancers, atherosclerosis (plaques in the arteries which cause heart attacks,) then The Body Friendly Zen Cookbook is the way to go.  It's simple, healthy, and from every bit of feedback I've had, seems to be effective both by itself or in combination with conventional treatments.

Also if you just generally want to avoid these woes, buy the book, because it's also a good way to prevent these things happening in the first place.

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