Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Future Aren't This Guy

... or at least *shudder* one would hope not.  Lesse - "Cxxxxx is now following you on Twitter"

Go do the standard vetting procedure - is this another person hoping to show me how successful they are at network marketing? (Cos, like, I close those windows without reading any further, ergo, they are shit at network marketing...)

Nope, passes that one.

Closer look at the bio:

Name Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx
Location xxxx, XXXXX
Web http://xxxxxx
Bio Micro-blogger, football fanatic, tech geek and hip hop/spoken word creative genuis.

Hmm, a genius eh?  Living the high dot com life maybe?  Read down his measly 10 updates, hardly an amazing output for a "hip hop/spoken word creative genuis."  And there's the give-away, this sure is some entrepreneur, folks:

"The 360 prices have dropped again. It's incredibly tempting to pick up a premium/elite and maybe a small HDTV for my room."

Ah so he either sharehouses or lives with his Mum.  Still, maybe I'm selling him short, I go on to his website.

"Students and tangerines share many similarites. For one, they both tend to be out of favour amongst teachers - although admittedly for different reasons. Teachers tend to favour apples to both tangerines and students, though taking an apple for teacher will always put you above the tangerine. And remember! An apple a day keeps the Doctor away!"

And to top it off, his blogsite's name is dangerously close to "" Meh 'scuse me if I don't avail myself of the chance to add this miracle of verbal erudition...

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