Friday, 26 September 2008

Acerbities - beware, leave a bad taste

Thoughts tonight, in random order:

(While listening to very gay evening show announcer commenting on gross foods, when he was shuddering with campy shudderiness about rollmops, a herring fillet wrapped around a few pieces of pickle, and then pickled itself.)  What, he won't put fish in his mouth?

(Watching a TV show where they had a smashed mobile phone but managed to recover "the last message on it") So the message came from a throwaway disposable mobile phone - you still have its number.  And from cell tower records you can tell which numbers it called or sent texts to.  And therefore, you have the number of the mobile phone currently in forensics.  And therefore, you can examine records to see which phone numbers it, in turn, rang or texted.  This is not rocket science yet a supposedly cutting edge forensics team were stumped by it.

(Seeing people performing senseless acts of violence on other people, either in school shootings, one-punch manslaughters, bashings over a measly handful of money from ATMs, and a bashing to get a car from one person.)  If you think there's always a bit of good deep down in everyone, then obviously you have met wayy too few people yet.  Aleister Crowley had a philosophy of life which we these days translate as "Do as ye will shall be the full extent of the Law" - but in fact in Crowley's time it was "an ye harm none, do as ye will shall be the whole extent of the Law."  We've lost that respect for one another somehow.

(Hearing about McCain ditch his campaign to do something about the USA economy brings several sad thoughts in a short train:)  How is McCain going to fix an economy he didn't even acknowledge was b0rked until a few days ago?  Does he have enough money personally to fix this?  Is he going to go to Bill Gates, Larry Ellinson, Larry Page, and Sergei Brin and call in favours we don't know about?  How will he cope as a President when Medvedev is on the Hotline, Iraq, Pakistan, and North Korea want to launch nuclear missiles, and the tea lady asks him how he wants his coffee?  And why suspend your campaign because of this?  You have a running mate.  While you're multitasked and can't give it your all, she can take up the slac....  Oh...  Yeah, she has kids to drop off at hockey and an NRA meeting she's speaking at...

(China Land of Hasty Shoddy Nonpoisonous pick any two are working on developing a space drive based on microwave ejection) And it will not have lead based paint, nor will the plastic bits make our workers hallucinate if they chew them, the microwave klystrons (or magnetrons, have it your way) will not have that shoddy insulation on them nor will they break down and pass 23,000 volts back into the spaceframe of the ship, and we'll build it between disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, and Olympics...

Then too we have climate change gurus arguing with climate won't change gurus while the climate changes, petrol prices and rents making one small sector very happy at the expense of a much larger sector, rental rage, road rage, and idiots on the road.

This has just been a week for it.

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