Tuesday, 7 August 2007

IR Law Passes Into IR Lore

In what can only be called an ironic turn, more news emerges to vindicate my total distrust and dislike of the Howard Regime in Australia. Mr "Bullshit" Howard, remember, has told over six lies a year in his time in office, that's one broken promise or outright lie every seven weeks, not bad for an old fart.

In this latest twist it's been revealed that one of the people fronting in the Workplace Relations ads assuring us that IR laws give youth a fair go has himself taken advantage of the IR laws to profit off one (maybe more) of his young employees.

Not bad Mr Howard, you've stolen our pensions and our futures, crippled our education system, done irreparable damage to the health system, made us look like a banana republic run by a pocket dictator to our overseas friends, meddled in fights that are none of our business, allowed your government cronies to fritter and squander our taxes, single handedly led the fight to ensure that the world dies an environmental heat death, screwed us for petrol excise and taxes, shown yourself to be gutless and ineffectual in the case of Japanese whaling and other ecological issues, dodged your responsibilities in regard to illegal immigrants, disempowered the working population, and you're still sitting in office. Not too many total screw-ups can claim that record. You are truly one of a kind!

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