Monday, 6 August 2007

Old and Sneaky

I'm loving the fact that the Libs' own research has found that people consider John Howard to be old, and sneaky. People consider him dishonest and untrustworthy, I've said said all along that he lies like a pig in the mud, and it's good to see that far from being a long shot outsider, I'm a trendsetter. %)

I also liked that he immediately looked straight down the barrel of the camera and said "uh those results were recorded some time ago..." and went on to say words to the effect that he was sure the situation was much improved by now. I couldn't help myself. "BULLSHIT!" hehehe...

I began to wonder how things would go in Parliament for him now:

"uhUhuh good morning..." "BULLSHIT!"

"ah uh ah come on fellers I have feelings ya know!" "BULLSHIT!"

Serves the little bullshit artist right....

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