Thursday, 3 May 2007

GroundBilby Day?

Nah nah nah! Not in the American sense as in "ground beef" but in the - oh yeah, also American sense as in "Groundhog Day, the movie." For the latecomer to things Aussie, this is a Bilby. We try and pretend they're as cool as the Easter Bunny but they aren't anywhere near as fecund as hares or rabbits, and they were pretty definitely not around when the pagans celebrated the Feast of Oestre...

Anyhow - have you seen The Matrix series? Of especial interest to me tonight was the scene where the cat runs along the corridor a second time and they figure out that there's a loop in the program. Of especial interest to me when I see the soap laying beside the soap dish, just like it was yesterday when I had my evening shower, despite the fact that I remember putting it back in the dish.

Hmmm in the process of having an almost identical sleepless night as last night, soap out of place in almost identical position, even the same chatter running through Twitter- er, no, hang on- the same chatter runs through Twitter all the time... Oh well...

Then I have a flash of memory, something about going to sleep after 5:30 this morning and then waking up at 7:30 to get a head start on the day's meetings, having a morning shower, and being so out of it that I missed the dish and even thought "shit that's gonna spin me out tonight!"

So Groundbilby Day turns out to be Teddles Gump. Damn I am exhausted!

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