Thursday, 19 April 2007

What's the world coming to, part 3

So we have a Prime Minister who is a complete and habitual liar and a sycophant of George Bush Jnr. We're not responsible for that.

And we have another politician who decides that since it's coming close to elections he will pull a publicity stunt and wash away graffiti that later turns out to have been a commissioned artwork. Come on how can we be to blame for that?

Well - er hello? - supposed democracy...

By the way the dickhead that swabbed the graffiti (and whose name deservedly eludes me for the moment) was interviewed and basically said something like "(harumph!) screw you! If it looks like graffiti to me then I'll wipe it out! (harumph! harumph!) It's not art unless I deem it so, and I'll censor anything I want!"

And Howard had one of the biggest lies of the millenium, the old porkie pie about "there's no way that a GSTwill ever be part of our policy" favourite...

I feel rather strongly about that. Not because it's John Howard or a Liberal or a New South Welshman, but because all our Government officials lie and steal and cheat and defraud us. I'm looking at officials that dodge criminal charges, steal the money we entrust to them to improve our lives with, who take away our freedoms because they feel that this is the only way to retain their hold, and who are generally a pretty despicable lot.

But of course, we're not responsible, are we? I have only one thing to say to you all - WAKE UP! Of course we're responsible for putting them there, for not acting and making our displeasure felt when they do something despicable. We sit back and let someone else take responsibility for looking after our interests.

Let me tell you something people - a society in which the population is not responsible for the actions of the government and which has no control over the government is a dictatorship or a monarchy. Last time I looked we were a democracy, and fast becoming a kakistocracy . . .

Whenever you can, exercise your voice! It's easier than ever to make your political voice known, just search the Internet for "member of parliament, mysuburb, Australia" and email. It doesn't even cost you a stamp or piece of paper these days. When Howard tells another porkie, or comes up for air from his favourite butt, tell your MP what you think! If some total tosser scrubs your artwork off the walls, tell your MP about it! And never, EVER vote for any politician who lies to you or defiantly tells you to get stuffed he will do what he wants not what you want . . .

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