Thursday, 19 April 2007

What's the world coming to, part 2

Gastric infection outbreaks in an aged people's home. Again, someone isn't taking responsibility. They're taking the money, they're taking the trust, just not taking the responsibility.

Maybe you think there's a reason that it's okay - because the water supply was tampered with, or whatever - but it's not. Those old people have families who aren't prepared to take responsibility for them, and who are paying the geriatric equivalent of a pram manufacturer to take the responsibility off them. Granted, there are also extenuating circumstances here, such as an aged person's particular medical infirmity requiring more care than the families are able or prepare to give. My father, with a complete hemispheric stroke paralysing one entire side of his body is a prime example.

But all of his family took the responsibility to go and visit him, to make sure the nursing home was doing their utmost to care, and we were there for him as often as possible. We couldn't physically lift him the way the nursing home could, nor could we keep him away from infections the way they could. But we knew that there was a responsibility on our part to be there.

So we have a long generation which wants everyone else to take responsibility for their children, and a long generation which wants nursing homes to take responsibility for their parents. And guess what? It's the same generation, people aged up to 65 today are all an epoch in human interaction, we are the "Not Responsible" generations.

Here's a few things we're "not responsible" for:
  • AIDS
  • The greatest proportion of delinquent children
  • The extinction of more species than almost the whole rest of human history
  • Global warming
  • Deforestation
  • Overpopulation
  • Salination
  • Climate change

And, of course

  • The wheels falling off our kids' prams
  • Salmonella in our parents' water supply

Oh yeah - and before I forget

  • Politicians and their shenanigans (but that's the subject of a whole other article...)

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