Thursday, 19 April 2007

What's the world coming to, part 1

Just making with the outrage at the call to make jogging prams safer. Oh come on! You want a safe baby? Don't go fucking jogging with it for chrissakes! You want "maximum enjoyment of life" while having a child? It doesn't happen! You are responsible for another life all of a sudden, and dammit that's YOUR responsibility!

I won't look after your kid for you, I definitely will not give a rat's ass about the "Baby On Board" stupid yellow sign in your window, and I say if you want to child then you drive carefully, you plan your life around the child and do not assume that I will go all googoogaga because you think we're all responsible for your fling on the sheets.

And the manufacturers of prams will definitely not look after your kid for you. Yes they make cheap shit prams and yes that's unethical but that's still not an excuse to make them responsible for the safety of your child. Exercise due care, remember that the world is hard and sharp and full uf unbevelled edges, and behave accordingly around your children.

Take up your responsibility. It's that simple.

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