Monday, 19 March 2007

Connect The Dots If Not Too Tired

So there is this new mystery to occupy our police.

And what has changed from this time last year? Why, the time, of course! As I said in a previous article, we are more tired because we have to try and sleep in a hotter part of the evening. Daylight saving is the one thing that has changed between this time last year, and this year.

Do we need any more proof than those fatality rates? How much more will it take Mr D'Orazio & Co? I predict that the rate will settle down to a normal rate per months compared to the same months last year, right after daylight saving stops.

I wonder if they'll connect the dots or not? Or will it take another summer of road carnage, industrial accidents, and grumpy kids vandalising more and more premises before they'll take daylight saving and put it where the sun don't shine?

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