Monday, 29 January 2007

Daylight Saving Stuffed.

Daylight saving - flop! Over 23,000 people responded a resounding NO! to daylight saving compared to only 7,000 wanting more.

Mr D'Orazio, take a bloody hint. We don't want it. We never wanted it over the referenda held in the past, we never asked you to instate it this time, and we have very little time for a political stunt.

Here is ONE very important reason, Mr D'Orazio: It squanders electricity. During the hottest time of the day, WA citizens used to work at their workplaces, where one air conditioning system could provide the climate control for several tens to several hundred people. They went home later in the day when the weather had cooled down a little, and got to sleep during the cool part of the night.

Nows, thanks to you, they all go home an hour earlier, turn on their airconditioning systems an hour earlier thus ensuring that the peak lasts longer and consumes more power (as 100 individual a/c systems consume far more than one large a/c system at work) and then have to try to get to sleep while temperatures are still in the high 20's and early 30's, and then have to get up an hour earlier.

Thanks for doing your bit for conservation and public health, Mr D'Orazio - I sincerely hope that you can honestly and truthfully produce all those emails you claim you get which hail you as a "hero" because I suspect that for every one of those that you got, if you're honest you'll admit you get 100 hailing you as a dickhead. Personally I side with the latter camp myself.

Now pull your head in, we do not need "more time to get used to it" we need you to get used to the fact that we'd rather save energy, save our own energy, and to hell with time parity with the eastern states. Come on, honestly, where do you stop this stupidity? We have a lot of ties with the USA - does that mean you'd like everyone to get up at 9PM in the evening? Grow a brain Mr D'Orazio - time zones are there for a reason.


Simon said...

I am also wondering if it is having an affect on the road toll. I know that I am more tired at the moment. You stay up an hour later because of the extra daylight/heat but you still have to get up at the same time.

teddlesruss dat who! said...

I'd say undoubtedly - I think everyone who's subject to the clock is now effectively sleeping in a more uncomfortable environment.

So excellent point, and I agree with you totally.

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