Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Trash Tourists Or Just Nature Cleaning Up?

Insofar as the so-called "trash tourists" who are busy scavenging the stuff washing ashore in the UK, from that container ship reefing - I say good on them, at least the amount of crap on the beaches is being reduced.

According to the news tonight, "frustrated" Police are going to close the beach tomorrow to prevent people "looting" containers which have already been pretty much written off as lost cargo and which, even if recovered, would not be saleable goods anyway. (Unless someone pulled a swiftie with the insurance, anyway.)

If the Police and Emergency Services over there spent less time worrying about the two hundred or so containers that appear to be all that washed ashore, they could spend that time on the salvage operation. And the beaches would get most of the way to cleaned up, for free.

Geez there are some bureaucratic losers around. It almost looks like the British Government would rather face a double or treble beach cleanup bill than to let their population have any kind of windfall or happiness. No wonder they are such a laced-up bunch compared to Aussies. (Although, I must say, the Howard Government is working hard at making Australia as miserable as the UK or the USA.)

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