Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Some news that really irritated me

A few news items etc that have really piqued me, for better or for worse:

"Fat Tax" - Come on Government Money Making Machine, can you honestly say that making cigarettes more expensive has reduced the number of smokers? As far as I can tell there are still as many little bastards taking up the "cool" habit as ever before, the only thing that works is the advertising.

And I bet you're not putting all the extra revenue from tobacco sales towards those few ads are you? No, of course not - there's too much money to be made off people's misery isn't there? And now you have something else to tax the fuck out of. Yay go you Big Red Fire Engine!...

Another example, ladies and gentlemen, of your government bending you right over and sticking the old pork sword in - your tax dollars at work!...

Esperance Disaster - Some po-faced politician, and I'm sorry this was just so plain STUPID that I can't for the life of me tell you who said it nor the exact quote, but his general drift was that "these things are expected if you live in a place that these things are prone to happen in."

One, for the obvious circular reference, stop trying to think on your feet cos you're obviously standing on your brains.

Two, the whole effing point is that these sorts of things DON'T normally happen in Esperance otherwise it wouldn't be news-worthy, Esperance would long have been washed away to sea, and all the scientists who were on the same news story just before you wouldn't have said what a singular once-in-a-lifetime sort of storm it had been.

And three, you most fucked up bit of thinking yet, you basically said "well fuck these people, what do they expect if they live in some little country dump, they have to expect shit." But by your own statement, that includes every place in the world, because weather and disasters happen anywhere. I hope the next natural disaster takes out *your* house and home, surgically and precisely. Then say that again you naff POS.

In fact, I have a perfect place for your new home, a little-used piece of land named Maralinga. Maybe living there will cure you of your terminal dickheadedness...

If I got hold of the wrong end of this turkey's speech, tough tits. If you think you know who this Right Honourable Old Fart was, and what he was saying, by all means post a comment. But touhg shit anyway, my comments stand. If you want to be a politician you need to get your IQ above your ankles. Otherwise if you can't manage that, get out of politics and have your arse taxed off for smoking and eating like everyone else does.

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