Thursday, 25 January 2007

Vmoto with the mostest

The other day, to pander to my liking for taking coffee with me, ScrappyV the VMoto gained a new accessory -

Scrappy now has - a drink holder

Yep it now has a cup holder - I tested it with the water bottle and it has stood up to my rigorous tests (I drove it around for three days) and I'm satisfied it won't spill my precious Lavazza when I take the thermos cup with me.

The cup holder expands to fit various sized cups, is neatly tucked out of the way of all but the LONGEST legs, and because you need two hands to remove the cup (yep it holds that well) it is safe because you have to stop the scooter before taking a drink. I've found the best mounting location for it, the best cup holder (it folds away to a flat square pad when you aren't using it and is available in three colours) and have spare stainless hardware for fitting them if anyone wants one fitted to their Milan 50cc.

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