Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Last one tonight, I promise!

One upside of this - having been on a good contract, I managed to scrape together a right nice Christmas. I managed to take Trish Christmas shopping for her kids, yes they are all older now but it was a bit of a "thought that counts" Christmas anyway, we barely managed to get two meaningful gifts per kid, but yep, the thought was there. And I got Trish a nice little Kodak camera, which she's stoked with, and will post some photos once she gets over the "point and shoot - EVERYTHING!" phase of camera ownership...

Meals - we went out for dinner Christmas night to the Yu at Burswood, silver service it was supposed to be, but the gentleman who took our order needs his ass kicked, impatient little Vietnamese bantam that he was. He took Trish's order and then walked away, I had to call him back for my order, and then ended by having to order our drinks all over again because he'd plain not been listening.

We went to Cafe Bella Rosa in Vic Park for a few meals, very nice indeed and they managed to get us in just before Christmas despite not booking - hats off to them. And the food is always good there.

Went to the Rose & Crown in Guildford for New Year, listened to a live blues band, drank to much, stayed the night in the fleabag rooms (never stay there! The jets bound for the airports pass directly overhead at a rate of one every 20 minutes... Beds are hard and useless, and facilities were well below par.) But they have an excellent kitchen and bar, and from outside it's all romantic and olde worlde charm-y. And honestly, we could have gone home anytime but didn't...

Surprise of the decade - the Rous Head Cafe out on the North Port, I have NEVER paid over three dollars for a plain sausage roll before, all the other three dollar ones I've ever seen all have beef bourguignon or caviar or Patagonian toothfish in them... I won't say the place is expensive, but... Hell, no - it's expensive... I like the people but often rode ScrappyV back to Fremantle town and bought lunch there and still came out cheaper.

Second biggest surprise - the silver service Yu came out surprisingly reasonable despite having soup, entree, two mains, and drinks. Oh yeah and the food was way above reproach, but then I'd expect that of an upmarket Asian cuisine restaurant.

So look for life's little surprises, some of them are quite nice.

PS: Wheeeee! Catharsis!

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