Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Everything Old Is New Too

I've scrapped the old TEdAMENU Tuckertime blog, for the same reason - since my laptop got power spiked and the backup of the database corrupted, I've lost my taste for Thingamablog - although I still recommend it, just that I seem to be having a run of lousy luck - and have posted a new blog here on Blogger instead. TEdAPERTH Review is the new version of the old cafe/restaurant review and now I am including many more types of businesses in the reviews so the change is actually a Good Thing.

I'm also restarting the Zen Cookbook blog, which supports both the Body Friendly Zen Cookbook and the ZencookbookDotCom site. For those who don't know about this yet, here's a brief recap:

Almost two years ago now, I began to show signs of prostate cancer. Luckily I discovered it early, and my urologist gave me several diet tips which I developed into a full-blown diet by doing a lot of research and using myself as the guinea pig. After seven months I went back for chechups and blood tests and the results surprised my GP and my urologist so much that I decided to write it up and publish it. I've eschewed traditional publishing in favour of an e-book format, I realise that an e-book is easier to copy but I am hoping that people are basically honest and will support me for the considerable work and effort I put into the book.

I am also developing an Internet site to support legitimate buyers of the book, which means that in order to get the information on that site more people will be encouraged to pay for their copy and legitimise it.

Since developing the diet I've also discovered that it has been effective for reducing several other forms of cancer, mainly the ones related to "slow inflammation" which my diet reduces, thereby robbing the cancer of new cells. And while I was on the intensive cycle of the diet I was also losing a steady kilogram a month bringing me closer to my ideal weight. Your mileage may vary.

While I was publishing and sorting out the book, I also found that there were other subjects that were able to fit under the aegis of "zen" and "cookbook" - so I am expanding the site to include other books and other authors, with the common theme that they have to be "cookbooks" i.e. instructions, and they have to be Zen, i.e. to be good for people and the environment, and cause as little evil as possible. So you will soon find books and articles on solar energy, water rfecycling, biodiesel, sustainable farming, self-help, and more at the site.

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