Monday, 22 January 2007

Are Perth's Drivers The Worst? You Betcha!

Okay time for some support of a fellow blogger, I have to add my bits of experience in the last few months as a two wheel road user. The jury's in folks and Perth drivers are just arseholes...

Within a week of having bought Scrappy-V the plucky and adventurous VMoto Milan JX50 (yep count 'em folks a whopping 50cc, I have been known to stand in garden tool stores and drool over the engines in line trimmers) it began to dawn on me that I would be kicking in a lot of car doors:

Stirling Hwy, near the Cap'n: I'm in the leftmost lane, some courier driver with a Ford Econovan is right beside me on the right. He looks at me as though to say "get the hell off MY road" and starts moving over on me. I am looking directly in his passenger window at him, mind you. I beep the horn, he gives me this irritated look as though "how dare you" and keeps moving over. I'm sorry, I've had it with this arsehole by now - I'm wearing my steelcaps and I let fly one excellent kick at his door, it left my right leg numb for hours, and a HUGE and hopefully difficult to explain dent in his passenger door. That sorted him out, he dropped back and then stayed a LONG way back...

Stubbs Tce (I think) near Subi: Some roadwork has closed the left lane, I'm already in the right, some woman in a Subaru is right beside me and starts merging over - on top of me. I beep the horn, she looks startled, looks in her mirror and over her shoulder - obviously doesn't see me sitting righ beside her at her window... I slapped the roof and she finally saw me and let me live...

Stirling Rd Claremont: Come off Stirling Hwy and this dippy bimbo comes out of the shop parking lot road - right in front of me, yes she saw me no she didn't feel that I deserved any of the road with that tiny little motor scooter thingy - I had to lock up both wheels and let myself slide right into her, broke the impact with my boot in her passenger door. Too bad about the door luv, next time don't be an arsehole.

Today, a dickhead double!

Going in to Perth along Albany Hwy, get to that most stupid merge of Shepparton, Canning, and Albany, I'm in the right lane. Get to the Canning inroad lights, there's a crane in the left lane and a taxi with a passenger beside me. Predictably enough, he merges over on top of me. I've already got my finger on the horn button and yell at him to learn to drive. He doesn't look shaken but his passenger does. He also drops a LONG way back and stays there...

And coming back along Adelaide Tce, coming up to the Plain St lights, once again in the right lane, suddenly I have a Transperth bus inches away to my left. Fair enough there are no lanes painted but would this arsehole have taken both lanes if there's been a car there? No way. I yelled up at him "D'you mind?" and the lights change, he swerves away, get to the Causeway roundabout lights and the bus pulls into the stop. Driver is giving me daggers looks so I waved to him to listen. Gave him an earful, too. "See my number plate? I pay my bloody rego fees, I deserve a whole bloody lane to myself!" Several people in cars near me can be heard saying "yeah!" and then the lights change.

Fancy that - our public transport drivers who are supposed to be better trained than average are totally useless, what hope do other drivers have of getting trained to drive properly? I've ridden bikes and scooters to work in third-world and primitive countries and I have to say that their drivers are way better than Perth drivers.

So yeah Skribe, we have the worst drivers... Unfortunately...

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