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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's finally happened!
According to our treasurer as quoted by Nine Lateline tonight, it looks like inflation is going to drop slightly due to the lower price of petrol and bananas.
Australia is officially a banana republic... %(
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

OPEC Can Bite Me!
I've just acquired Scrappy-V, the answer to OPEC - a 50cc VMoto Milan, this is cool because VMoto is a bit of a local success story, and the Milan is a common sight around the streets these days.
And the best bit? I took Scrappy-V for it's first test flight today, from Franzone Motors in East Perth to Subi right along Wellington St and Roe St, zapped around Subi until I found where I wanted to be, and then back through Perth and out to Parkwood, a trip of about 30km, for just over a litre of fuel. That's around 3 - 4 litres/100km... So yeah, OPEC can bite me now!
Scrappy-V's not fast (60k/hr max) but easy to get around on, and I'm very pleased with the purchase. By the way, Franzone Motors have real scooters and mopeds too, some lovely Hyosungs and Piaggio Vespas, and do a great job on European marque (read "Jaguar") cars, and I have to say that you won't find more professional or pleasant people. I am stoked at the excellent price I got on Scrappy-V, stoked at the service, (they even offered to give me an accompanied riding lesson just in case I was rusty) and I hear they have one more VMoto second hand to sell... You might do worse than check it out...
Franzone Motors126 Brown Street, East Perth 60049325 4318 - ask for Joe Grasso if you want the other VMoto for pocketmoney, tell him Ted Russ sent you you may even get a few bucks off!
I was actually surprised - it's about 25 years since I rode anything with two wheels for any extended periods, and I've probably ridden about four times in the intervening time, but it was amazing how quickly old riding habits kicked in, trail right in field of vision, stop in easy escape zones, pull in arms check mirrors every few minutes - I took my virgin ride on Scrappy-V through Wellington St to Roe St to Subi and all up and down Subi in midday traffic, then headed back home via the City again, and discovered that I'm still a pretty "pro-active" (read "pushy, visible, doesn't back down") rider. Now I want to get a real bike already. And Joe's already put in the offer to upgrade me when I'm ready...
May not be long, actually - I've also changed jobs, will now be working at Freo Port for a large multinational as helpdesk/oncall support for about triple what I've been earning as a system administrator. Start is in a few weeks, so now I have to hand my notice in at my current workplace. (No great loss to me let me tell you... I had an article ready to go for this workplace but won't post it until I'm well and truly finished up there. By then it will all be old news... )
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Monday, November 20, 2006

Clever Dodger, Still Didn't Dodge Though.
Just read with amusement the plight of one young Don Juan who got caught out and good. Seems his girlfriend was browsing through his phone and found a contact named "Withheld" in there. He must have thought it was great - all his calls register would show is "withheld" - but the young lady being enterprising went through his calls register and found that "Withheld" had more call records than she herself did, and, being the enterprising young woman that she is, she dialled "Withheld"s number only to be greeted by a male voice welcoming his "sweetie" or something like that. Needless to say the young man is now free to pursue his other romantic interest... %)
I'm amused by the ingenuity that went into that dodge - only to be overconfident and leave the phone laying around. I'm also amused by the twist in the tail. Gotta love ingenuity and arrogance...
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bent Over By Borat!
You have to hand it to the Romanians. They know how to make stuff, they just don't know how to keep it.
They've just had their village nicked by the Borat film, and they're not happy about it. But what makes this funny is that this isn't the first time. Wasn't it about a year ago that one of their pop songs was ripped off by this guy?
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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Two Swear Words In This Post
Stuff Yahoo.
There - that's the swear words out of the way. What a pack of slimes! Sorry, this more than just annoys me - they bought flickr a while back and said that one could use either ID to log into one's flickr site. That was back when they were still not quite slime...
Today I get signed out of my flickr account and lo! - I have to log in to my Yahoo (damn swore again, sorry!) account. And then it asks me if I'd like to merge the two accounts together. And when you get to that page there's your two accounts, and a huge - I mean HUGE! - cheerful looking button there that says
"Yes! Merge the accounts suckahs! I be sheep!"
And below the button, the ReadMe that says, in effect, that Yahoo (sorry, that just slipped out) have backflipped and now you will only be able to log into your flickr site using your Y*hoo account, anyway. So pardon me Y*hoo but why the heck put a button there to click to make me feel like it's all my idea? Slimy spindoctoring pack of so'n'so's.
I don't need crap like this - Yahoo, you need to learn a lesson. I think my first move might be to remove my pictures off flickr and put them into Google photos - at least they don't lie and slime and spindoctor and try to stuff me around... And then my other Yahoo features will also get relinquished and shut down, end of an era really... Too bad I actually paid flickr for my account, it's worthless to me now innit?
(exit stage left muttering under breath)
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Friday, November 03, 2006

Possibly My Most Worrying Search Term. Ever...
Doing my usual poke around the logs for the site and found:
3 Nov 05:35:13 www.google.com how can i remove my testicles without any problem
For some reasons that's making my eyes water and I'm all kind of tense and stressed now...
And - it's just me mis-hearing the news, but - Colonel Bananarama? hehehe But it's not to be called a coup, okay?
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An Apology By The Way
An apology. Amcom are idiots, but they are quick to fix what they break. Once you've got through to them, which they're slow at. Some turkey at Amcom decided that because my ~ted account is covered by some contractual obligation on their part and doesn't actually need to be paid and therefore there is no payment recorded against the account, that it needed to be shut down. That's the idiot part. Read the notes before pulling the plug, that's SOP for ISP.
Once I brought it to their attention, they fixed it within a few hours. That's the quick part. And I spent the best part of 40 minutes in a queue holding waiting for a support person, that's the s-l-o-w part.
So if you didn't see the blog from midnight Tue/Wed to about 3PM Wed, that's why. Some people at Amcom are idiots, some are very courteous (such as the person I spoke to - finally - this morning) and someone fixed the problem very quickly when it was brought to their attention.
Bouquets and brickbats Amcom, but mainly bouquets...
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What's With Petrol Prices Then?
Before you ask why I'm asking that, tell me the story as far as we're aware. Petrol supplies are low and falling behind demand, right? That drives prices up, and that's why we're paying more than a dollar ten a litre for pterol, right?
Apparently not.
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