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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Faroc Enterprises Online
Faroc Enterprises is my IT business and it's back online, albeit with an old frames layout but I'll be moving it to a more useable format soon. Meanwhile please don't be shy - if you know anyone who needs any IT work done please point them at www.faroc.com.au...
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want to stay young forever?
Digg'ed up today, this is what extreme Peter Pan syndrome must be like. I'm not sure I'd like to be forever young if it comes out like that...
But - here's a thought - what if a few clever doctors and scientists took it upon themselves to investigate Brooke's syndrome X and found out how to restart her biological clock? You see, that would achieve two things. One, Brooke would grow to a belated but normal size and perhaps grow out of the sickly, low-immunity stage and have a chance at a fairly normal life.
And two, [and possibly as important] would be that they would know what causes and stops aging. Can you see the benefit here? Hmmmm...
One outcome that maybe couldn't be guaranteed but might also come about is that kids with progeria [rapid premature aging syndrome] might also benefit from the knowledge gained.
Oh and did I mention that Brooke might get a chance to have a normal life? After another 20 years she'd be 32 but look 22, not a bad way to be...
[My personal guess at what the scientists would find if they investigated Brooke's syndrome seems likely to be that there will be a tie-in with the immune system. It just seems that any messing with the biological clock also messes up the general health of the patient, and this is usually down to altered immune responses. So a safe guess to me would be that if they find the right place to prod the immune system they will slow or even reverse aging. Current wisdom has it that the immune system degenerates in old age, but what if the degeneration of the immune system causes aging? But don't take my word for it, Google it...]
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Monday, November 21, 2005

o. my. farking. god.
this is what the world sees of Australia. God save us all...
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Sunday, November 20, 2005

stretch your brain guv'nor?
Thanks to Michael for this link which kept me amused for an hour today. Course, I am tending to react to this with a bit of skepticism, but but a lot of it makes bizarre sense.
The idea that we're rebuilding God in Internet connectivity is appealing, being the geek that I am. But I need to think about the ramifications of US being the debris that assembles itself back into God is just as conceited as some of the human traits Scott Adams [yes the creator of Dilbert cartoons] rubbishes in the book.
And as he says it's thought experiment. Umm first off the biggest basic flaw with the whole book is that if it's true that there is no free will then the book makes no difference to us. Might as well have saved yourself the effort Scott...
I guess my thoughts are that yes, there are several flaws in the Avatar's expositions, including things that don't quite explain the dual nature of light or the relativity discrepancies between observing light from a stationary and a moving platform, but I liked the explanation that light is the boundary between what's possible and what isn't. Except. That the skeptic in me. Has a problem with that.
Because to me light is a medium as real or unreal as gravity or magnetism or any of the other forces that the Avatar dismisses. And to arbitrarily assign it to a different status is a bit offhand. So for me there's only really one new concept in there, but it was worth it.
Do yourself a huge brain-bending favour and have a read of the book, and do yourself another huge favour and skip the place where Scott attempts to deal with the one thing he should have left well enough alone, the bit about interpersonal and man/woman stuff. What is that stuff anyway? Was there a need to pad the book out from 130 to 144 pages?
Oh well. I should criticise, I still haven't got my prostate friendly book to a decent first draft yet... Take a read, it's free and it IS a good mindbend.
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Friday, November 18, 2005

it's got to be pathological
sorry for weird punctuation, using the lappie with broken shift keys...
i've been looking at the various forms of spam scam and phishing emails [and i get a l-o-t of those] and have decided that we really are living in a simulated universe. a simulated universe which is more like a sims game than any kind of serious scientific simulation, at that.
this simmiverse has unwritten ground rules. one of them is that the game must slap us in the face every few days with stories that just cry out 'hey dork don't you realise yet that you're in a game?'
i mean to say - the latest millionnaire winner was suspected of having had a chip implanted [as his father and brother are both surgeons] that enabled him to cheat the answers. come on - this is something i've blogged about on the tedadyne sytems blog but where would a mr joe average have gotten hold of that kind of technology? more importantly, would the several million cost be worth the -chance- of a shot at one lousy million?
this is just about right out of quake or resident evil or something like that, suddenly everyone's finding the next level of power-ups and away we go again...
but the single most telling clue that we're living in a game simulation is spam email...
no-one - and i mean no-one in the entire universe - could be so freaking stupid as to send out a picture perfect email phishing for your bank details and mis-spell the name tony to tonny. it's as though there's this rule in the game that the cleverest people in the world -must- screw up at least one thing in a malicious email to give everyone a chance.
From Engineer Tonny Frank
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC),
uh-huh... yeah right. and all those cialis/viagra emails that state
After eating one tablet
after taking one tablet maybe. i take tablets i don't just eat them - because i have a command of the english language, and one eats food and takes tablets and medication.
Semen production increases 500% Complete no-quibble guarantee
uh - was that 'no-dribble guarantee' ? maybe huh?
sorry i seem to have deleted my latest crop of phishing emails which look like all sorts of major banks, but maybe that's for the best. how much hilarity can a person stand before the next turn?
UPDATE - another bright spark tries to tug my heartstrings with her sad plight but no-one can make that many mistakes and not already be dead from lack of a brain...
I have been diagnosed with esophagearl cancer which was discovered very late due to my laxity incaring for my health.It has defiled all forms of medicine right now and i have only about few month's to live according to medical experts.
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Welcome To The Police State Country Almost
If you're reading this blog that means that I've been locked up as a seditious Muslim right-wing extremist with a very bad attitude towards our Prime Mismanager... No, seriously, that's not what this entry means, but it is what it's about.
For a start, the anti-terrorism laws that were pushed through recently. NOT NICE!!! Because those laws mean that now, I CAN be arrested for expressing my opinion on this blog... That is not cool with me, and should not be cool with any of you either. Be afraid, be very afraid. Laws like this, pushed through with a form of political terrorism, are invariably bad news for the population.
Second, the Third Wave of industrial laws. I drove by the Perth foreshore today and saw the crowd across the road, was unable to stop and join in because I had a job to do. Luckily for me I am self-employed so I am not quite as subject to that legislation, but even so I wanted nothing more than to be there and tell Mr Howard to stuff it up his jumper.
And speaking of insufferably arrogant gits who are power-drunk from all appearances, what did the little willy with ears and eyebrows say? I'll sort of quote him, paraphrase him but retaining the essential spirit of his message: "aaaahhh you can all get stuffed! I am not going to let the people who elected me change anything I do cos I'm God now didn't you know?"
Please please Australia wake up and listen! Iraq is nothing compared to what Australia could become with laws like that in place... I can see where this is leading and I am quite frankly petrified at what our Government can do to us now and not fall afoul of the very laws that were originally intended to protect us from the very things that are now being done.
When the government first had those farcical daylight savings "referendums" my faith in our so-called democracy was shaken. When the government introduced bicycle helmet laws without so much as a referendum or opinion poll, I began to get worried. When they gave us Carmen Lawrence (not that I have anything against her, just the way this was done) as State Premier without even bothering to consult anyone, my last doubt evaporated and I knew we were going for that big slide to dictatorship.
I haven't changed my mind, I'm still convinced it's coming. Mr Howard's actions recently have only served to confirm it, and I'm about as scared as a person can get. I'm not a person who thinks violence is any kind of answer, but I'm finding myself more and more recalling that the United States constitution grants the right to bear arms not so much to protect the country against an external enemy as to protect the people from the government. I'm almost wistful when I think of that...
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Monday, November 07, 2005

cat + stuff = awesome
or so says stuffonmycat, anyway. And who am I to argue? Much amusement to be found, much amusement... Go find amusement!
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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shark. Fin. (Exit stage left.)
Hmmm so a fair proportion of the shark fins sliced off poor old sharks is finding its way here to Australian tables. And most of it is being caught off Indonesia by their fishermen, apparently.
This is not good for the sharks because the ones caught on the open sea are usually just innocently minding their own business, then suddenly they get caught, have their fins sliced off while still alive, and then get chucked back in where their brethren can eat them at their leisure.
It's also not good because they are catching these sharks off our territorial waters, processing them in Indonesia, and then selling them back to our market at premium prices. What with many traditional Asian people over here earning a good income, they can afford to buy shark fins and live in what would be considered total luxury back home, and that too is something every race creed and custom undergoes. But it means that a lot of our dollars are not only going offshore but are also financing the decimation of the shark population, out in the open sea, where they rarely do any harm.
Wouldn't it be better if we licensed a few local boats to sell shark fins and patrol our swimming beaches? They could catch and process the sharks under the watchful public eye so no cruelty would be involved. They could sell the meat AND the fins direct to the local market, thus shutting out the Indonesian trade. And our surfers would go relatively unchewed for a change. Maybe we could even give permits to a few Indonesian fishing boats and cut out the high wages and middlemen as well. %)
(In case anyone is not sure, I'm kidding. I think...)
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