Sunday, 18 January 2009

Do Your Pets Have Weird Names?

Meh, weird names for pets - been there, done that.  Almost all my pets have had - unique, let's say - names.  Currently my two pets and two unwanted houseguests have a whole slew of names to them.  Ghostie was named because A) he was pale as a ghost when he was born and B) couldn't move his back legs, so when he gained use of them and I decided to keep him, he got his name because of how close he'd come to having to be put down and become a ghost himself.  But his full name only became obvious when he wouldn't leave a particular paperback of mine alone, he followed it everywhere, sat on it, snuggled up to it, purred each time he was near it.  He even abandoned a perfectly good feeding spot on his mother for it sometimes.

The book?  Something to do with Mayan history.  The honorific?  Plain old Ghostie became Ghostie Catpatlican, Mayan noblecat.

So now I have Ghostie Catpatlican, aka Special K (Special Kitteh) aka Furball aka Furbag (and most often aka Furboy. Specially when he acts all gangsta.)

The rabbit was supposed to be named Peter Rabbit, but got Peta Rabbit instead, aka Buniella Rabbitini, aka Bimbombunny aka Bunways Airlines.  (When she gets airborne during her mad runs around the place, which is often.)

And the two unwanted possum guests (well, okay - they're wanted, just not sleeping in the ceiling) are named after the ABC series Banana In Pajamas and their copious micturition habits, and are now Peewun and Peetoo.  Their basecamp tree is now the Pee Tree. 

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