Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sunny Bunday

Today wasn't a midwinter day. It can't have been. And yep, it's almost two weeks after midwinter, but that's no excuse for a lovely day that today was. T. was down for the weekend and we let the rabbits have an extended run (first one for ages due to the rain and bad weather) on the front garden.  And sat in the sun ourselves, soaking up the sunshine and blue skies.  Apparently Perth averages (!!) eight hours of sunlight a day, putting it firmly in the upper range of sunshine cities.  Today was such a day, just beautiful.

Next door has two shi'itzu cross looking dogs, and today they were out at the same time as the rabbits. Eddie is generally the most timid little guy but today he figured out what fences are for.  To let him sneak up and sniff noses with a barking little dog that looks like it has a healthy splash of Ewok in its ancestry...  We watched him, getting a little closer each time, realising that he was still safe, and then finally just flaunting it to those noisy yappy neighbours.

Pity that the smaller Ewok has figured out how to squeeze under their gate and wander into our yard.  Mind you, the rabbits' piece of the front yard is fenced all around but Eddie still got a shock and hightailed for the pile of branches that are stacked up waiting to be thrown out in the next garden refuse pickup.  His second scare for the day, the first having been when the neighbour across the road blipped the accelerator of his big bore V8 restored Falcon just as Eddie was throwing a nice high binkie jump.  I'd never actually seen a rabbit get traction on thin air before that...

Better news: We drove through the new Bunbury highway works later in the day and the lines are all painted, traffic lights are all installed but not switched on, and all that's missing from the look of it is to remove the traffic barriers and throw the switch.  This means Bunbury is now just a straight freeway ride away from Perth, because basically the freeway becomes the new highway from what I can see.  Also means that I can get on the highway and be about an hour in either direction from either city.  Also means that if I decide to move southwards I have a nice straight run for Duckzilla, too.

By the way I'm looking for a piece of land that I can lease for cheap, something that would let me drop garden and crop areas among some otherwise unused bushland and maybe run a few livestock, preferably southwards of Bunbury a bit and inland, if any of you know of anything like that please put me in touch.  There's a nice cheese or a few links of farm style sausages in it for the spotter... %)

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