Sunday, 19 July 2009

Retail Recall

So apparently a scientist(?) has done a spot of research to assign a monetary value to memories.  The article is here, and there's a spreadsheet here that can calculate the value of a memory in UK pounds.

According to the spreadsheet, the average value of one of my memories is about 7400 pound, about $15,000AUD.  That's a lot of money and of course there's no way to turn the memory into actual cash, it seems a bit optimistic to believe that someone will shove money at you for remembering stuff.  No, this seems like the kind of research that belongs in "Total Recall" or a similar sci-fi flick.  Someone harvests the memories from you, applies the formula, and out comes the amount they need to pay you for that particular memory.

Being the cynic I am, I can see two snags with that, of course: scenario one, you wake up and think to yourself "wtf is all this money from?" or scenario two is you wake up...

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