Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Something Said In Haste: Utegate

The biggest thing Malcolm Turnbull has done wrong here is to break the cardinal rule:

If you want something done, do it yourself.

He took what I can only assume was a piece of bait handed to him in order to damage his credibility, and ran with it.  Without checking it all out himself first...

I think someone will end up charged with a crime here, so Opposition claims that Mr Rudd is using the government machine to intimidate are not really well founded.  One of the prime reasons for the government and the criminal investigative and prosecution systems is to investigate, identify, intimidate, and prosecute people who have committed a crime.  An email is a document, and forging a document, and uttering a forged document, are all crimes.

The unfortunate thing for Mr Turnbull is that he's now come off as being a premature utterer.  Would I vote for the Opposition knowing he'll be leading the country if I do?  Most emphatically not!  Imagine this scenario:

Kevin Rudd: (on the phone speaking Arabic he's just learned at TAFE and disguising his voice with an Osama burr) Meester Turmbool?  I just want you to know that I have slept with your wife, meester Turnbool.  And also, my cadre of 72 virgin suicide bombers, they also have slept with your wife and your mamma!  To show them how pointless life is, meester Turnbool!"
Malcolm Turnbull: Hello?  Defence Department?  I want us to declare war on Iran, Iraq, the Emirates, and any other place where they believe in 72 virgins and suicide bombing!  That'll show them!"
I rest my case...

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