Thursday, 2 April 2009

Who's Conf*cked Now?

While I'm pretty sure this probably isn't related to this, it's still pretty funny.

(Update after reading a few more "articles" from this spam spewing thing that's hijacked the Gizmodo website) I think I prefer the newer house style of Gizmodo, it certainly makes better sense and has better grammar than some of their journos...  I still read it anyway - what does that say about me?  hehehehe

(Post update update) Aww they killed Adam F's infection vector...  You almost feel sorry for the worm don't you?  We now return you to our normal programming.  Not that you'd really notice...  (On a personal note, I hope Adam has to bring doughnuts for the next six months!  Porting conficker to Apple must have taken hours of his time!)

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