Thursday, 23 April 2009

That's not living!

The ad that shits me the most at the moment?  Let me rephrase it slightly for you:

"This is Daniel.  He spends all his time not destroying natural habitat with a pollution-spewing 4WD on an endless mindless quest for fish that you're only going to hurt.  That's not living Daniel!  THIS is living!"

"XXX - because rednecks don't know the acronym for We Are Fuckwits!"

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Anonymous said...

Umm... it loses a little in the translation. What's the original ad? (vid link if poss?)

Tom said...

Classic. I totally agree and love the re-wording.

I love how an ad tells me what I should enjoy on the weekend.

Because I just love driving for hours to get out into the middle of nowhere with no running water or electricity so I can get grubby and unhygienic and then spend a day unpacking and cleaning everything when I get home.

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