Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What Your Pizza Is REALLY Made Of

Just watched an ad on TV, and, being a bit of a junk food gourmet from my bad ole days before I started following my Body Friendly Zen Cookbook diet, it just raised an interesting question.

The ad is for a national pizza chain.  It's on now, so it must be current.  It was the thing said towards the end of the ad that caught my attention.  "Now with premium quality ingredients."

Talk about copywriters writing themselves into a corner.  If they are only just "Now" serving pizzas with "premium quality ingredients" does that mean that "before this" they were serving us pizzas with "shit quality ingredients?"

My father, wise wise man that he was, put me wise to this little trick of advertising.  When you see a "New, Improved" anything, you can be sure it's the same old shit with a new coat of paint.  Because if it's really new then there's no previous version to improve it from.  And if it's improved, then it is an improved version of an existing version and therefore not new.

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