Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Peanut Panic Perpetrated By Penurious Prick

Now that the peanut butter contamination case has wound down and everyone's over it, I have an observation, and a suggestion.

Even in China, when the corner-cutting that led to the melamine poisoning of milk products was discovered, several managers of the dairies responsible were executed.  This is a good idea and should be adopted by Western cultures again.  A person who has the potential to cause catastrophic losses of life by their greed or their negligence, should be treated as no less than a mass murderer.

Tie up the manager of that peanut plant and feed him his product until he shits himself to death.  It would be poetic, epic, and totally unforgettable.  It might even prevent further "economising" and corner cutting in the food industry...

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Tom said...

That is a very amusing mental picture and I like your proposition. It would feel just that someone in such a position will consider people's well-being as paramount.

So what do we do with all the wank- I mean "bankers" that have ruined people's lives?

teddlesruss dat who! said...


I figured...

Yeah bankers. Hmmm. Actually they're not totally to blame - people's inherent wish to get as much as possible in return for as little effort as possible is. We all want to provide well for ourselves and for our family. We're also inherently economical in the use of our resources. %)

So we want "someone else" to take care of our food needs, our security needs, our financial needs. By offloading these things, we've managed to create a society. But that society has always been based on the "Jack" principle, i.e. "Screw you Jack, I'm alright."
And it will stay so until we realise that this accumulation urge is a leftover from days when it made survival sense to hoard and accumulate beyond basic needs.

But - back to the w. The bankers.

It's not just the bankers, mind. There is a concentration of wealth in the hands of a very small percentage of the population. And that segment of the population could only get their hands on it at the expense of - you. And me. And our peers. That we let them, is a testament to our gullibility and "economy of resources".

I suggest sitting back and waiting. I'd suggest that the financial system will not be worth a lot really soon now, and that the value represented by those trillions of dollars will redistribute itself in other ways. Money's not much use unless everyone believes in it and lets you buy a loaf of bread with it....

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