Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Just Effing Super, thanks!

Just my 2c worth (and costing me 20c nowadays) but would you trust Damian Hill with his recommendations at the end of this article?

I mean - would YOU keep shoving money up a dead horse?  I and thousands of people are ready to try and use our super.  We've paid into the funds all our working lives, expecting to have a nice nest egg for retirement - and now there's less in my account than I contributed originally...

Mr Rudd:  Let people take their super out now, and tax it as you would any wages.  Use the money to get our economy out of the tank, and promise to pay pensions when they are due, no whimpering no murmuring.  There has to be billions tied up in super funds that would boost the economy NOW, when it's needed!

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