Monday, 16 February 2009

Exploding Currency Thermaggedon

What would you do if you knew the end was near?  Let's say you were the leader of a largish nation, and the panel of world scientists who are studying global warming got it wrong and are coming up with really bad numbers.  Suppose.  I mean, let's say it's going to be pretty rough.

You can imagine it, can't you?  Weather gets extreme.  Raging fires one season, deep deep freezes the next.  To top it off there's a global economic crisis.  As leader of one of those largish nations, you've also been talking to the financial and economic brains of the world.  It's going to be rough rough rough.  Confidence in banks and established financial institutions is lower than something that can wear a tall silk top hat and still walk upright under a smallish duck.  With it goes the whole economic system, really. It's all smoke and mirrors and confidence tricks, and once people stop believing in it and feeding it, it collapses in a little sobbing heap by the roadside.

All these advisers are telling you a pretty bleak picture.  "Couple the change in economic climate with the change in global climate," they're saying, "and you can pretty much consider all money will be worthless in another year, and also that about 90% of the world's population is going to slowly starve or perish in the extreme weather.  There will be upset confused angry and frightened people out there, with no financial means that's worth anything, no food, and no shelter from the elements.  Pretty much, it's going to be anarchy and chaos."

So.  If you were one of the leaders of a developed nation like - oh, I don't know - someplace such as America or Australia, and you knew this period was coming up and when it did, all the money in the Treasury was going to be useless - well, wouldn't you push money out to the people under the guise of "economic stimulus" and hope people could use it to buy themselves as much comfort as possible while the money is still worth something and there's still something to buy?

Just sayin'...

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